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  • punkofnice

    millz - So punk, do you think they have ex Jws helping them interpret the internal language of the Org.?

    That's what I wondered. I guess the victims will help. Also, the flock book can easily be dissected by the lawyers.

    As one of the blokes at the RC observed thatt he WBT$ rules trump real law.

  • millie210

    duh! (smacking own head...)

    The victims! Of course! There is the perfect ex JW or "in" JW to tell them first hand isnt there?

    Thanks for mentioning that, i had completely overlooked it- thus the head smack (ouch~)

  • punkofnice
    Millz - I did wonder if the RC had been contacted by ex JW activists....however, the WBT$ law books are so juvenile a chimpanzee could see how stupid they are.

    I think PunkOfNice said it ....................This is the first time we are seeing Elders not performing on their own stage and they are totally out of depth here - They cant interrupt when they feel like it, falsely accuse when they feel like it etc and they are looking worse than stupid - "A string of Gormless Elders"

    IN fact today deRooy could not even articulate and correctly quote the 2 witnesses Scripture - he had to look it up and then made this lame excuse that one would have to read the context first to which the Judge countered and put an end to that - after which came that trump card remark/question regarding whether the executing of awomen for adultery was to be taken literally seeing that the 2 witness scripture was !

  • punkofnice
    AFRIKAN - I can't wait to hear the trump card.
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    Even without intent I am sure the victims educated them with Theospeak repeatedly used. All witnesses tend to use it because it is their language. Once the lawyers heard words such as; "reproof", "private reproof", "restrictions", "reinstated", "Service Desk", "Legal Desk" and others, they would be moved to find out how these all play in the world of JW's. So as a natural progression they have educated themselves in the Theospeak of these bumblers and have had the strength of character and desire to expose the pain the WT has inflicted on others. Go RC!
  • NewYork44M

    I am very impressed with the homework these people did. One of the criticisms that a JWs makes when an outsider speaks about the religion is that they don't understand the language and culture. The RC absolutely has a handle on the JW-speak.

    Do you notice how they as questions in such a professional and non-judgmental perspective. The example that comes up is their questioning of Applewhite about elders being appointed by holy spirit. They knew the literature They also knew how to as questions with no indication that they had an opinion about the subject matter. Those skills don't happen by accident.

  • umbertoecho

    Orphan Crow, Punofnice, Wasanelderonce.............and the rest of you.

    It would most definitely be the case that those who were victims and had been raised in this sect would have led the RC to areas not normally accessible. Thank somethingorother for that.

    Then there would have been the subpoena's that were issued for WTs documents. There would have been, I suspect, people like Barbara Anderson with her extensive inside knowledge. Her mission is very much about this part of the dark WT actions and neglect.

    Then we have THE INTERNET!!! Yay! Now that a huge area for investigation and the WT won't like that one bit. Someone posted a question as to whether the internet would be detrimental to the WTBTS a few weeks ago. I felt it had to be, for there is no way to stop a curious Jdub from sneaking a peek. All it takes is some shitty experience from another person in the hall or an elder acting like an overlord and whammy.......You have a witness wanting to find some information. Then taking a small tinsy little peek..... that's how it starts.

  • punkofnice

    NY44M - I agree. the RC know the JW-speak. the 'pure language(tm)'.

    wasanelder - umber - Yes. the internet is a really good tool for the RC. Good old Satan!

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    What is apparent is the contrast with of the “wait on Jehovah” type of JW mentality vs the rigorous investigation of the lawyers. When confronted by the hard issues in the real world the org looks pathetic. JWs can hardly imagine how professional people have not only to study hard to get where they are but are then enabled to assess any legal situation by understanding how all societies work both civil and religious and know how power is maintained and deployed within them.

    To permit abuse of the innocent by the 'two witnesses' rule and permitting abusers remain in the congs; is glaring evidence that the JWorg does not care for its people. Perhaps now the world and JWs too are being informed of this?

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