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  • punkofnice

    I have listened to segments of the hearing.

    I am really impressed with the way the RC are well informed about JW procedure and the 'flock book'.

    Does anyone know how the RC got so clued up? Are they just that good at what they do? (Not saying they're not).

    Have 'mentally diseased apostates(tm)' been of use to the RC?

    Anyone have any info or insights?

  • Dismissing servant
    Dismissing servant

    My thoughts also!

    They seem to have secret "apostate" consultants........Stuart gets spot on week WT-spots on almost every topic.

  • OrphanCrow
    punkofnice: Does anyone know how the RC got so clued up? Are they just that good at what they do? (Not saying they're not).

    Probably some of both.

    However, I would weigh in heavily on "that good at what they do". What is showing is the fine minds of those who are real lawyers. This is what "law" is all about - not the fumbling around in the dark saying "da Bibble says so".

    The WTS rule books are what are hanging them - good lawyers look for inconsistencies and the WTS is full of inconsistenices. Just think how convoluted their doctrines are and how we can pick them apart. A lawyer can do the same thing to their "legal" procedures.

    These guys are good. Really good. They have also had lots of input from those victims who have come forward - but they certainly have done their homework. They will have read every single word of the survivors' statements and have meticulously went over each word in the WTS documents. "Expert" lawyers are ones who do solid and excellent research. Microscopic examination of everything pertaining to Jehovah's Witness law. Of course they can hand these guys their asses - the only thing the JWs know is "Jehovah's Law". These lawyers know way more than that. They are worldly lawyers!

    These Commission people are goood.

    Who's yr daddy now? Lol!

    Stuart gets spot on week WT-spots on almost every topic.

    Exactly. That is exactly what happens when you put WT logic up against a solid legal mind. When you dissect the WTS from a purely outside view, the inconsistences are glaring and the weak spots are obvious.

    Of course, the apostate voice is strong. However, it would be rather simple to have a legal team do some on-line research. Hell, all they would have had to do was visit some of the forums and groups online. Research the apostates and what they say. We are pretty vocal. That would be the easiest and most efficient way to gather his information on insider politics.

  • punkofnice

    Diss - Certainly seems that way

    OCrow - I agree. The RC guys seem bang on the money.

  • OrphanCrow

    Punkie, when you think about it, it is pretty ridiculous.

    The elders have one little skinny book, a fistful of letters from the WTS, a bunch of grade three level WT literature/magazines...and a big book called a bibble.

    Have you ever been inside of a law library? Wow...woww. Or even inside a lawyer's office - with rows and rows of law books all lined up and even lying all over the place. Those lawyers appearing for the Commission have a mountain of knowledge behind them that they can access and that they have studied. Those poor pathetic elders have a skinny little book, and a bibble. And a hot line to "the branch".

    This is not a fair fight at all. The JWs came to the court armed with a silver sword and a pocketknife. That sword is a toothpick compared to the Commission's weaponry. Even those WT lawyers are sadly incompetent.


  • millie210

    I dont think they are so much talking to apostates as they are familiarizing themselves with the literature.

    There is a stunning and noticeable lack of emotion in the way the R.C. is handling themselves that make them extremely effective.

  • Illuminated
    Since they specialize in child sexual abuse, they are already well aware of the clean image sexual abuse offenders and protectors of them such as WT top down hide behind. The secrecy is well aware of, so really diving into the depths of it is common for them.
  • punkofnice

    OCrow - Yes. Their books are always very extensive.

    Millie - The RC people are asking all the right questions. They have the understanding of the workings of the WBT$ and have picked holes in it with ease.

  • millie210

    So punk, do you think they have ex Jws helping them interpret the internal language of the Org.?

    That does make a lot of sense.

  • punkofnice
    Illuminated - That's grand. I hope it goes to prevent any further victims in the WBT$. This is one of the many terrible things the WBT$ need to be held to account for.

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