RC: an emotional trigger?

by sparrowdown 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • sparrowdown

    Is this RC triggering any painful memories for anyone else?

    For me, it's stirring up all the emotions of what it felt like dealing with assholes like this.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I was very fortunate never to have been abused however I believe I was groomed and I grew up with many people it later turned out were being abused. Lots of the abusers were elders, out of the 4 congregations I was ever in 2 had paedophiles for POs.

    I worry for my aged JW elder father that he will get called to this sort of enquiry as a witness but on balance I'm so pleased that the victims are getting some redress. It's frustrating watching the elders twisting and trying to avoid taking responsibility for the harm they have caused but I have confidence that the commission will hold them to account.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Fro me, not painful memories as such as I was never abused.

    But just listening to these WT men use WT jargon, boast about pig-headedly cleaving to the two witness rule, think that they're giving a good account of their organisation, and think that Satan is 'persecuting' them via the RC makes me feel sick.

  • sparrowdown
    Same here, there are more than one type of abuse that goes on in this religion.
  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Oh yes, count me in on the physical and emotional abuse categories!
  • poopie
    I was almoost abused by a brother but thank God i fainted but i have those in my familey have been molested 3 of them very very painful im weeping just thinking about it.
  • jwfacts

    I am attending in person, and am a lot more stressed than I expected. Seeing some of the people I worked with at bethel, and listening to the obnoxious, authoritarian elders is bringing back bad memories of the constant fear and guilt that I felt under their strong thumbs.

  • sparrowdown

    Yes, jwfacts, amazing how those old feelings come bubbling back to the surface at the sound of their arrogant voices.

    Especially, when you know they are whitewashing how things really are!

  • Litebrite
    This has been a cathartic event. I have become solidly convinced that any previous doubts I had regarding this organization as God's sole channel have been solidly proven.
  • Ozman
    Good question sparrowdown. I am finding this experience liberating but yes, the memories can be quite haunting. My Mom become a witness in 1968 & so all our family suffered with 75 syndrome. Over the years I experienced a number of Judicial Committee's, 1 disfellowshipping, a reinstatement & then later disassociated myself when I could not answer the Regular Pioneer question which asked: 'Do you believe Jehovah's Organization is God's sole channel of communication on earth?' My ex-wife & mother of our child went through the same 'end of the world syndrome' & later committed suicide. I am sure many ex JW's know of friends & family that committed suicide due to the psychological abuse that we've all suffered. And that is another issue I would like them to account for. Psychological abuse & mental distress. Maybe we can start a 'class action' against the Organisation? I would love to employ the services of Angus Stewart to lead this. Looking forward to the remainder of this Royal Commission.

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