Contacted by Royal Commission today

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  • umbertoecho

    Firstly, Thank you to anyone who is in support of this RC. No one has shown anything but great interest and empathy for those who were abused.

    I don't know who this SimonSays character is though and I find him to be very rude and ignorant. It takes all kinds to make the world go round I suppose.

    Today I was contacted by a staff member of the Royal Commission. I had sent my documents but had trouble with formatting. I had also emailed the person who is dealing with my part of Australia.

    This is how thorough they are. Within minutes of sending off the email, my phone rang and it was one of the staff. She stayed talking with me for over an hour and typing as I answered questions. Then she strongly encouraged me to meet up with the commission. This has been something I am afraid of, due to family. She assured me that my identity will be completely hidden.

    I asked her if they had that much time and she said........."Oh don't worry about that, this will be in about two months time, as there is much more going on and so many testimonials to gather"

    I told this person that I was under the impression that this was a two week affair and then it would be wrapped up and on to the next group. "No. It's not going to be like that. We are still going for quite a long time and need to cover many who are giving testimonials."

    I told this person that I was not after money and was told that it was not about compensation, but this RC will put people in touch with those who will seek compensation for victims. I was then given a legal body name and told it wouldn't hurt for me to seek compensation. I remain content to just give the facts and will be content with some changes that are put into place out of this mess.

    This person felt I should at least contact the legal entity as it would assist with further addressing the costs involved with counselling and getting back on track. I said that I was already exhausted and had no energy for making a monetary claim..........

    What I really want you people to know is that the Royal Commission may be over in terms of the live streaming, but it will not be over for a long time. Months to be exact. I didn't know this and find it a valuable piece of information.

  • Londo111
    This is awesome. I hope you find justice.
  • freemindfade
    You are very courageous, please keep us updated
  • millie210

    Wow. This is such a valuable post I will probably keep coming back to bump it if it doesnt stay topside (I bet it will though).

    You did a brave thing. I dont know if I could have made that call. I am in open mouthed admiration of you.

    How do you feel now? Are you ok?

  • TheListener
    Good for you umbertoecho. Man this commission is really something great. They seem truly interested in the individuals who were harmed in the past and how to help future individuals from becoming victims. Bravo!
  • OrphanCrow
    umber: What I really want you people to know is that the Royal Commission may be over in terms of the live streaming, but it will not be over for a long time. Months to be exact. I didn't know this and find it a valuable piece of information.
    Wow. It sounds like the battle of Armageddon is underway!
    Draw your swords and mount your horses, all you people...the final battle is here... Lol!
    Get some rest, Umber. Watch a movie or read a good book. Paint a picture. And breathe deeply.

  • punkofnice
    Good for you Umby.
  • Watchtower-Free
  • umbertoecho

    I feel very anxious at times, then I feel confirmed because of the fact that I was not alone in this ugly part of JW land. I am content to give as much inside information as the RC wants.

    And today I did warn her of the fact that those men on the stand were actually using Theocratic Warfare upon the RC and " Do you understan what that means?

    Not really, no.

    Then I told her it meant these men would give themselves permission to lie out right, lie by omission and divert blame to some other person, preferably a dead one.

    She cracked up at that last bit and said she needed to know I was safe. Very kind people, very thorough. I told her that I had never made it to baptism and that the WT would play that bit up for all it's worth. (Hence my post about those who felt they could not come forward due to not being officially in)

    The emails are pouring in at times and if you care to look, when Stewart is doing his thing with those elders on the stand.........there are people near him who are being sent emailed responses to the RC, and they are reading them. Just in-case you wondered at what was going on there. Of course, they are also uploading relevant documents for Angus Stewart to reference.

    Who is this Simonsays guy? Is he a still in witness? I hope he does not have the platform via this forum, to freak some other victims into silence. It can be a delicate balancing act for such women. Some of them are so afraid to speak for fear of losing children, grand children............all those people they love and suppress their emotions for, in order to never lose them.

    OH oh oh. I almost forgot. I told this person that one of the hugest forums around were deeply involved in this Royal Commission, that they had the respect of other people in other countries. I told her of this site. To which the response was......."Oh really? We have heard that there is interest out there, but not to that extent. I will go and have a serious look at your recommended site." Of course it was this one I was referring to.

  • azor
    Thank you for this post. You are one courageous person. Most survivors like yourself are the humblest people I have come across. I know you are not in this for money but for justice. With that said you need every penny you can get as that is the only justice the creeps at the top get. I hope you get compensated as you deserve that and more.

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