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  • jschwehm

    Hi gang-

    Interesting discussion...

    I think the point that needs to be made is that JWs are humans just like everyone else. All of this propaganda that is published in the magazines about how the JWs are better than the world in general is just hog wash. They are just as bad or as good as anyone else. It is the denial that there are problems that makes things worse.

    My sister who still associates with the JWs told me an interesting story. There was a man, we will call him Frank, in my mother's congregation who ran a painting business. Frank's father was an elder and Frank was a ministerial servant for a while. Anyway, Frank had a guy working for him who was the son of a sister that attended the same congregation. Frank would go up to this guy that worked for him and say, "I bet I can guess what you had for breakfast." and Frank would be correct.

    It turns out that Frank would get his employee to go to a job site early and then Frank would show up at his employee's house and have sex with his employee's wife. He eventually got caught. He was never DFed. He was reproved if I am not mistaken.

    My sister was disgusted because Frank was doing this while studying with my cousin.

    Jeff S.

  • Esmeralda

    Hi Wendy,

    I'm sorry to hear that alchohol has had such a devestating effect on your family. I am just
    disgusted hearing what happened to your brother. :(

    There is such denial about alchoholics in general in the Borg...especially young ones. I remember
    that my parents used to argue about who was drinking so much of the alchohol in the house, blaming
    each other, never stopping once to ask if one of the kids might be drinking it.

    My second oldest sister started drinking at about 13, 14. She'd come home from school, watch
    cartoons and unwind with a beer. Where the hell were my parents? Why didn't they figure it out?

    Even after my oldest sister confronted my parents about the other sister drinking years later,
    they claimed ignorance. Of course now, years later, they say that she was just 'determined to get
    into trouble." They refuse to accept any responsbility, or to put blame where a large share of it
    belongs, on the organization.

    My sister has been sober for nearly three years now. She does not see my parents at all, has seen
    them once in the past six years. Says that it's instrumental to her staying on the wagon, and I
    believe her. I'm very proud of her for being able to give it up, it's been a struggle. I know that
    she will always be recovering.

    I hope that your sister will find it in herself to stop one day. It's devestating to have to stand
    by, helplessly watching your siblings destroy themselves. I never thought my sister would live
    to see thirty.

    You know, I just had a strange memory. Of my parents giving me champagne mixed with soda
    pop to 'celebrate' when my little brother, who was a premie, finally came home from the hospital.

    I was seven.

    When I asked my mom about it later she said, "We didn't
    want you to be curious about alchohol, we figured we'd take the mystery away."

    Good god, what were they thinking? What kind of insane reasoning is that?


    p.s. Jimmyjames, the answer to your question is yes. Check your e mail. :)

  • mole

    Its amazing how many of us have noticed the same pattern throughout dubdom. I myself put off college taking the advice of well to do elders and went to work in one of the elders janitorial jobs. Are all dubs in the janitorial business? Not getting a good paying job caused me many financial problems for myself and family. Now I have returned to college and am finishing my degree before I get any older.

  • Esmeralda

    Hi Mole,

    Welcome to the board and congratulations on going back to school! I had hoped to do so
    before my health became an issue.

    Best wishes and again, good for you!!!


  • TheApostleAK

    Quote: "Have you ever noticed that, generally speaking, most elders and before them congreation overseers, were all either educated and had money, or for some other reason had money...more than the average publisher? Amazing how that works, isn't it?"

    How true!

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