Does the .Org have the gall to ignore the RC?

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  • Lemonp
    Ok, back on topic, what options are there?
  • Dumplin

    manned by people who have the knowledge and expertise to handle the unique problems that JW victims face

    remarkably good idea ... an ad hoc committee . .. an overdue idea.

    I liked you before, Crow - now I respect you. :)

  • Vidiot

    Lemonparty - "Does the Org have the gall to ignore the RC?"

    Ten years ago, I would have said "No f**king way"...

    ...these days, though...

  • scary21
    I say 2 but maybe 4...but only in the way Cattails says.
  • Oubliette

    They will have to make certain changes, which they will proudly announce as "New Light" as if they came up with it themselves.

    The really need to get rid of the "Two Witness Rule" in relation to allegations of the abuse of minors. It's actually wouldn't be hard since the majority of JWs would accept any Nu-Belief that GB comes up with. But I think that even the GB members are convinced that "it's from Jehovah" and we have to follow it. When they lose enough money, they'll find a way to justify that that too "is from Jehovah" and they'll lose it.

    Additionally, they need to instruct all elders to be mandated reports even when it's not required by law. I doubt they'll ever do that, but it is what should happen. Hell, even Dr. Monica Applewhite advocated that.

    Also, they need to quit requiring that victims of sexual abuse face or confront their abusers. Again, I don't see how they'll justify it scripturally because it does come from their ever precious "book," but this policy, practice and procedure also needs to go.

    The irony will be that if the WTBTS makes any of these changes it will be because they were forced to by secular authorities and upon the advice of a Catholic woman. Of course they'll still claim it was "New Light from Jehovah" and his alleged Holy Spirit.

    If they GB told the average JW to eat a shit sandwich, they'd gladly do it with a smile!

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    @oub i needed that laugh!

    When we hear news reports about police investigations of child sexual assault, maybe it happened in school or wherever - they hardly ever mention the religion of the victim or perp. The parents just go directly to authorities and report. They maybe call their church people later for comfort but the first priority is to get the authorities involved.

    Who goes to a beautician if they have a broken leg? Go to the correct agency that matches the need!

    (I'm so proud to be able to figure this out now - several years after leaving the WT cult. My mental gears have responded to repair.)


  • Lemonp
    I agree with all your points Oublette!

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