How much longer will the organization last????

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  • d0rkyd00d

    This question came to me while i was answering "nature's call". Too much info? probably. but this is when my best thinking is done.

    Just wondering, how much longer does everybody think the organization will go on? It's been going on for quite some time, but with so much emphasis placed on this being the "time of the end", how much time will it take before people begin to realize nobody knows when it will come, and therefore cannot judge the time of the end. I mean, things could definitely get worse than they already are. I believe medieval times were worse than those today. So how much longer will this religion go on? I also wonder this as i see so many people getting tired of the religion, even after being in for so many years, and still leaving.

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  • Carmel

    dear dd,

    End times are the same times for great beginnings! The problem with WTBTS and other fundy groups is that they focus on the literalism and anthropomorphism of religious writing and miss out on life and its spring time. Shed the shackles of the borg and you'll find that the end is already here and the new beginings individually and collectively are pretty darn nice. As to the literal existence of the WTBTS its demise was sewn into it early on and the restructuring of late is an ourward manifestation of an inner reality. It's toast as we speak!



  • Carmel


    I almost forgot! May you have many happy micturations!


  • Mr Magoo
    Mr Magoo


    I can hardly wait to see the next WTBTS world statistic. It's such a laugh to see that people are running out as fast as they can in some contries.

    I live en Denmark, and here the amount of members has been declining for some years now.

    Mr Magoo

  • Gianluca

    Hello Mr Magoo,

    I'll bet you the WTS will start tampering with the numbers if the statistics go too badly for them.


  • JAVA

    "The Time of the End" theme park of the Tower will run out when the "There's a sucker born every second" phenomena stops. The Internet has negative effects on the Tower's hold, but if you want to believe the world is flat, the Watchtower has a religion for you.

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  • Mr Magoo
    Mr Magoo


    Your comment remined me of a situation where I very politely commented their statistics on a "come in and ask us questions and we will answer them hounestly" - site. After a few posts my comments were deleted...

    Mr Magoo

  • nojw86

    HI Mr Magoo, that is hard to say how long will the tower of babel, thats what i call it now with all the confusion that must be going on within those spirit directed walls, LOL. None too soon would be good enough for some of us that have family members who have to shunn us now , because we used our God given rights to go form Walmart to K_Mart if you know what I mean.... but for the ones who are still in the noose is already tight around their necks,and getting a bit harder to breath, now telling them not go on the the internet, apart the the STUPIDITY BAG that they already carry ....hey they are aleaving as fast as can.....Nojw.....(little lulu says all JW are a little LULU)

  • LovesDubs

    Heres one of my favorite sites about JW "growth":

    I believe they are dying as to their original form...they are becoming more mainstream Christian to survive. The attendance is dropping off, the interest is dropping off, the material is stale, the door to door work is a total waste of time, the kids are leaving in DROVES. It will probably last in name only for a long time....long after the affect is the Shakers.

  • joelbear

    As long as there are humans there will be a certain percentage that need what the Watchtower provides. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society will be with us a very very very long time.



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