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  • James Jack
    James Jack

    I have yet to see a New Kingdom Hall or Renovation performed by the new LDC. Has anyone out there seen one?

    I was told yesterday that all projects are on hold until the LDC gets it's crew together.

  • sir82

    There was a LDC representative at our KH a few months ago, asking lots of questions & gathering information about attendance, geographical boundaries of the territory, racial composition of the congregations & territory, etc.

    So apparently it exists, but it doesn't to be doing much of anything other than paperwork at the moment.

  • Simon

    Way back when we were still in I remember a letter or service meeting part about how the KH's should send money to the society / sign property over to them to protect it against "persecution".

    Of course it makes no sense. Seizing the assets of a single organization is way easier than 5,000 individual locally registered 'charities'.

    They obviously think of whatever excuses will fly to allow them to get the money and property. Funny, it's easy to find how and where to send money to the society. Far harder to find someone to answer some questions or provide any help.

  • 4thgen

    I also have a friend in the RBC...LDC....they are still "waiting on instructions" It's been over a year.

    L et's

    D onate

    C ash

  • freddo

    Here in the UK in Wales and the South of England where I have contacts it's similar. Disbanded congregations and closing KH's. Inventories being taken and elders asked to value certain halls. Congregations not told what is going on and more and more people feeling "out in the cold".

    I just hope it wakes more up to "the lack of love" and lessens the grip on the rest.

    LDC = Let's Donate Cash! Very funny and very true!

  • Oubliette

    One of the benefits of our "apostate" world-wide network is that we have discovered that, with few exceptions such as the new HQ, building projects always seem to be going on "somewhere else"!

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • JustVisting
    Sir82: What difference does it make as to the "racial composition" of the congos with regard to renovations?
  • JWdaughter
    James Jack, I have seen one of the new KH's. In Tacoma/Lakewood WA there is a new hall style (lots of windows, big parking lot, commercial area bordering a residential neighborhood. Its a nice hall (SMALL!) and has handy dandy gates that lock everyone in/out during the meetings. To prevent escape or anyone trying to break in during armageddon, presumably. There is an older hall nearby with the same gates. In the two halls are two English speaking congs, 2-3 spanish and a cambodian and vietnamese (I think, cant read the lang.). Six cong's total.
  • Richard_I
    There was a new hall that was to be built in my city. The property was bought by the RBC (there was a bulding on the property that was going to be renovated), they were gutting the place, then a few months later the LDC is introduced. Everybody who was working on that property was subsequently taken off it. Nobody I talked to that was involved with it has any idea what is going on with it anymore because of the LDC taking care of it, and as far as I know nothing has been done for like a year now. It's very strange.

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