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  • drawcad_1

    The new RBC now called the LDC. Sold to us as new and improved RBC. Working with all of the congregation funds after we sent them all back to New York and what have they done. When I saw the video, on, of areas that need Kingdom Halls there was a big circle in our area and I just knew that we would get something. Then I started thinking, what if they just repave our parking lot, then I thought maybe if they just paint the lines in our parking lot. Maybe, if they just do something to show some love.

    Has anyone seen any projects started or completed by the LDC? Does the LDC actually exist? Does anybody know of any of the members of the LDC?

  • cattails

    In Massachusetts I went to two Kingdom Halls that looked like they were built in the 1950s and smelled like that too, of mold and dead mice.

    I haven't seen any sign of renovations myself, but I do know that volunteer brothers are kept busy with the Warwick site. I'm sure that project will come before any local building project.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    J.W.'s in the "donating" parts of the world will be convinced about the success of the new L.D.C., by Watchtower articles showing lovely "before - after" photos of a K.H. or Ass Hall constructed in Outer Slobovia.

    Yup, it costs mi££ion$ to build a glorified garden shed in Africa and stick a JW.ORGan sign on it!

  • drawcad_1

    Just last month we had the elders give us our "local needs" part and told us about the mortgage payment that we will never pay off. The, they told us that there is $3,000 in our local account so they decided that anything over $1,000 at the end of every month would also be sent to New York. No mention of the $100,000 that was sent back there a few years ago when we were told to send our money to their banking system instead of keeping it local.

    I have to laugh at all of the people that have been diligently donating to the local kingdom hall in the hope that we could get some improvements done on our hall. There are 5 congregations meeting in our hall and in the local area there are 6 kingdom halls in similar situations. The LDC was supposed to be this great new thing that would bring us relief. HA HA HA

  • nevaagain

    Our congregation is in a building with three halls. Even though the building cant be that old, it shows his age because no renovations were ever done. So everybody in our congregation was glad that the new arrangement came because finally now our building can be renovated.

    Indeed a couple of weeks after that announcement a delegation showed up to inspect our building and the elders showed them everything that needs to be done (basicly everything). Couple of days later I ask one of the elders how it went and he kinda dissapointed told me, that probably not much is going to happen to our hall.

    Apparently they told them, if they replace our heating system, they cannot build one hall in africa. If they renovate our bathrooms, there goes another hall in africa and so on, so all of the elders arguments were shot down. Basicly they were guilt tripping our elders.

    Funny thing is, it is not like we were short of funds, before the announcement of the changes was made we had for years saved funds for much needed renovations.

  • smiddy

    How long will it take for elders in congregations to wake up to the fraud that is draining the moneys that Kingdom Hall funds in many circuits are now being siphoned off to the Governing Body in the U.S.A.

    Example : K.H.takes out a lone from the society to do renovations over x amount of years usually no more than 5-10 ?

    New light comes from the Governing Body to the rank and file, KH no longer has to pay the loan off , a blessing from Jehovah that free`s them from this loan. Put on the notice board for all to see in the congregation.

    In this same letter , not to be seen by the rank and file , and not to be put on the notice board , for the body of elders eyes only is this.

    Get the rank and file , members of the congregation to pledge what they would have had to pay for the loan and no less .

    And how long were they to pay this pledge ? that they had made ? apparently forever as their was no cut off date as to when this pledge would expire.

    Also this same pledge was to be made by congregations that did not have a loan owing to the society , yet they too were expected to join this scheme .

    And to my knowledge , nearly all congregations agreed to this arrangement .

    Are the rank and file so stupid as to not see how they have been screwed ?

    Are the elders so thick that they cannot see what has happened here

    Or does this demonstrate how cults blind the minds of followers so much they cant function rationally .

    Are they so indoctrinated that they are blinded to being fleeced by a manipulating organization that is only interested in obtaining wealth at the expense of their parishioners .


  • WingCommander

    LDC "arrangement" = Symbolism over substance.

    Send in ALL of your money, and shut the f*ck up! How dare you complain about needing a new HVAC system! That money could be spent to fly a GB Member 1st Class to Hawaii to dedicate a new cookie-cutter Kingdom Hall in Waikiki.

  • drawcad_1
    This is what I thought. The new LDC is nothing other than just send more money committee.
  • Elisa1966

    There was a broadcasting from Selters to all elders and minsterial servants in the Central European Branch (Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein; Germany).

    There seems to be some resistance in the boe's concerning the new LDC arrangement. They especially talked about the new LDC-representative-arrangement: The LDC-rep is visiting the congregations and is making a report on the building, whether the KH needs a renovation, on the number of attendance etc. Then the LDC will make a priority-list. It's also about the neighboring congregations and the possibility of merging cong's.

    In the beginning they started with the idea, that the Kingdom Halls belong to Jehovah, not to the congregation or the elders. So, we can say "our Kingdom Halls" but we have in mind, that it is Jehovah's (and he can do with it, what he (i.e. org) thinks is right

  • joe134cd

    A kingdom hall in the local area had 2 major renovations done to it in the space of 7 years. I could never understand why a Hall would need a total overhaul to it in such a short time. Shortly after the 2nd renovation the Hall suddenly developed a problem which meant the Hall was then sold (believe it went from $800k) and a new one built. The new Hall was built on massive plot of land in a commercial area. The reasoning presented to me was so another Hall could be built to make way for further expansion. I just feel so foolish that I never realized the whole thing was no more than a property flip.

    I think Wt won't be so quick to do this any more.

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