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  • battman

    Last nite it was announced, a letter read, that the
    use of the term "Christian Congregation" would now
    be used instead of "WatchTower". The phones at
    Bethel will be answered as JW's instead of WT.

    Now that there as so many corporations, as part of the
    refining process, even the letter head says CC of JW.
    The new Assembly Hall in West Palm Beach is also called
    CC of JW's which was named that a year ago. See the
    WT, ooopps, CC is moving "forward". More like sidewize
    IMHO. A moving target is hard to hit and at that "they
    are masters of .........

    Simon, I like the new format. Thanks for all your efforts
    and to all the other posters, also the humor is the best.


  • stephenw20

    and is the magazine name changing or is a new one on the way?

    refinement my anal orifice!

  • ZazuWitts

    Hi battman

    Thanks for the informative post. I agree with you, - just another evasive measure by the master's of avoidance in Brooklyn. Their 'tactics' have no end!
    IMO they are constantly 'scheming' to keep the heat off of them. For those of us who no longer are 'privy' to such information, I again thank you - please keep us updated.

  • RR

    Yep, the Society is changing, organizationally at least, pretty soon Watchtower and IBSA will be just a foornote in their publications.

    I honestly don't think they will change the name of the magazine. But I wouldn't be surprised if new journals are published.

    People are more familiar with "Jehovah's Witnesses" then they are with the term "Watchtower", so the Society will no doubt downplay the Watchtower organization, and stress more the Jehovah's Witnesses, this will prepare the Jehovah's Witnesses to function, should anything happen to the Society as an organization, apostasy, reformation or whatever.

    In Europe, there were some Witnesses who felt the Society apostasied and so left the Society, they number in the hundreds of thousands in various locations. They call themselves "Jehovah's True Witnesses" and look and act just like the Witnesses.

    Less Religion and more Jesus!

  • ozziepost

    Isn't it strange that both the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons have to feature the word 'Christian' somewhere in their titles?

    Notice how this is not done by Chriustian churches?

    Is it all part of the disguise? Just a coincidence that these two American cults must try to assert that they are Christian? Did anyone doubt it?



  • cecil

    Hello to everybody posting on this topic

    Could it be that the reason for "re-refinement" - as you describe it - is a quite simple one(?):

    Whenever the expression ‘christian congregation’ or similar terms are mentioned, it is going to be interpreted as being THAT "Christian Congregation”, formerly a.k.a. Watchtower. And of course: The coming into existence of a congregation of that kind was even foretold by Jesus Christ himself: Mt. 16:18…

    Seems to me therefore that (one of) the reason(s) why the Watchtower is (at least partly) changing its name to CC (of JW) is the same that ‘made it necessary’ to change the name International Biblestudents into Jehovahs Witnesses in 1931. JW are mentioned in the Bible – and every single time the Bible talks about Witnesses for Jehovah it HAS TO BE THESE VERY WITNESSES known as Jehovahs Witnesses today…

    Quite simple, how changing a name makes the Bible fit into certain purposes. Maybe I’m wrong, I don't know - but time will tell (once again)…


  • stephenw20

    it seems that while th e news is just making its way to the CoNGS now this happend in November
    If ONLY the BROOKLY BRAINTRUST could have figured out a way to inform them sooner......

    like a magazine or company publication!

    Watchtower Reorganizes for Legal Advantages

    In a move that is more likely to attract attention for legal reasons than anything else, the Watchtower has made a massive reorganization of its corporate leadership. While this does not seem to affect current responsibilities such as their actual daily work, it clearly is meant to provide isolation of guilt to as few entities as possible in the litigious days ahead for the Watchtower organization. Here is their press release.

    Here are a few notes from the Annual Meeting held yesterday:

    Yeartext for 2001: Colossians 4:12: "Stand complete and with firm
    conviction in all the will of God."

    Talk by Dan Sydlik: The Board of Directors and Officers of the Society's
    Legal Corporation were all anointed, since it was closely associated with
    the Governing Body. (The lone exception was Hayden Covington) However, as
    pointed out in 1971, the Governing Body preceded the WTBTS of
    Pennsylvania, since it was established at Pentecost. The Governing Body
    is not appointed by any man, and cannot be voted into office. The GB does
    not have officers (President, Vice President, etc.), only a
    chairman, who rotates.

    Is there any scriptural reason why the officers of the WTBTS of
    Pennsylvania have to be anointed? Not really. There are about 100 other
    legal entities associated with the WTBTS of Pennsylvania, whose officers
    are not anointed. They are legal instruments, under the direction of the
    GB, designed to make Jehovah's name known worldwide. However, they are
    not necessary to carry on the work, as has been demonstrated in many
    lands where the work has been banned.

    Members of the other sheep are called on help with the work, enabling the
    GB to focus exclusively on spiritual matters.

    Talk by Ted Jaracz: Began by discussing how congregation elders and
    ministerial servants are not elected, rather the qualifications are set
    out in the scriptures. Holy spirit, in various ways, plays a vital role
    in theocratic appointments. Theocratic appointments at all levels are
    made directly or indirectly by the GB. No legal entity controls such

    Talk by Jack Barr: Members of the Governing Body resigned from the WTBTS
    and members of the other sheep were nominated and elected to fill their
    slots. Thirty or more names were read quickly for various corporations.
    Don Adams is now president of the WTBTS of Pennsylvania.

    Brother Barr also mentioned that three new corporations were being

    The Governing Body will continue to direct these legal entities.


    Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2000 20:56:26 -0400

    I wanted to share some announcements with you that were made at the
    Annual Meeting today. (sent by a Bethelite)

    The Governing Body has decided that the positions of President, Vice
    President, Secretary/Treasurer, etc. in the legal corporations (e.g.,
    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.; Watchtower
    Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., etc.) do not have to be filled
    by anointed brothers. Therefore, all of the brothers that were currently
    holding these positions, all of whom were on the Governing Body, have
    resigned. Brothers of the other sheep have replaced them. Therefore,
    brother Don Adams is now the president of the Watch Tower Society.

    Quite a lengthy discussion was given as to the reason this was decided
    and why it's OK. Essentially, it boils down to the fact that this allows
    the Governing Body to step back and deal primarily with spiritual
    matters, while these brothers of the other sheep handle day-to-day
    business operations of the legal corporations.

    In addition, three new corporations have been formed:

    1) Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, which will supervise
    matters of a religious and educational nature. This includes organizing
    the preaching work, holding conventions, etc. The directors and officers
    of this corporation are primarily brothers who work closely with the
    Service department in Patterson. Brother William Van de Wall is the
    president of this corporation.

    2) Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses, which cares for matters
    pertaining to those in Special Full-Time service, including Bethelites,
    Special Pioneers, Traveling Overseers, etc. Brother Patrick LaFranca is
    the president of this corporation.

    3) Kingdom Support Services, Inc., which handles design & engineering of
    buildings and holds titles to vehicles used by the Society.

    The attendance for the annual meeting was 13,082, the largest ever.

    Additionally, the year text for 2001 will be: "Stand complete and with
    firm conviction in all the will of God" - Col 4:12

    what a group!

  • RR

    it seems the Society has also purchased the domain names [url], .com and .net

    Less Religion and more Jesus!

  • mensa163


    re: adding "Christian" to watchtower names.

    Could it be possible the society is tired of fighting the truth and decided to ease over to the Christian position? It is a long shot but not impossible. A few years ago ARMSTRONG'S WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD tired of the false teaching they had defended for years did an about face and accepted the maintream christian position including the tri-unity of God. I have'nt kept up to the results lately but at the time most of the members remained and accepted the new teachings.Mainly my interest at the time was how the fundemental Christian churches who had previously faulted them also were able to do an about-face and welcome them into the fold. It was a pretty neat thing to observe at the time.


  • RR

    Actually the Worldwide Church of God, suffered a great loss. They lost some 60 percent of their members and splintered off into little groups, forming their own associations, ministries and publishing houses faithful to Armstrong and his theology.

    The parent Church then had to sell many of it's assets, including universities and buildings.

    I'm afraid such would result among the Jehovah's Witnesses, as it did in 1916, when Russell died, two Bible Student groups were formed, those faithful to the Society and the majority faithful to Russell, functioning independently of the Society, the consfusion cause the WT leadership to adopt the name Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Less Religion and more Jesus!

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