What Do Un-Believers Not Believe?

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    Exactly my sentiments and I do not consider myself a Jack-ass. lol.

  • Phil

    Wasn't the combination of Jehovah and God, Jehovah God an invention of the Watchtower?

  • cowhand

    Purely as a matter of interest, is belief or unbelief something over which we have control?

  • funkyderek
    Purely as a matter of interest, is belief or unbelief something over which we have control?

    For some people it seems to be. I've had many debates with believers (mostly Christians) and in many cases they seem to have chosen to believe as they do. They don't consider evidence to be an important factor, only faith (which is, by definition, belief without evidence). I've never been able to fully understand this (probably because I lack faith ) For me, belief (or unbelief) is a state to which the available evidence compels me. I have no control over what I believe, as I am forced to believe the best approximations of reality I can find.

  • Phil

    If one uses evidence for the existance of Jesus, one would should question the authenticity of the Bible. Using a "belief system" and "evidence " in the same argument is fruitless as they are not compatible ie., oil and water. Myths abound in both the New and Old Testaments. The major scholars are in doubt of the contents of the Bible. The does not make the Bible too holy.

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    Faith is defined as belief without proof. Correct??

    The Bible is a book that was first spoken then passed on through the generations through word of mouth until we homo sapiens were able to write, at which time the people that were alive wrote what had been passed down to them by their forefathers (myths and what nots). Then came a guy named Jesus who thought he had a better way for people to live and "BELIEVE IN". This was also done by others later on in history, Martin Luther, Mohammad, Joseph Smith etc.. Apparently, even the existance of Jesus is in debate as there is no proof of his existance, except for the Bible and the New Testament. Wouldn't you think that a person of such stature and significence in the entire world, would be calaloged a lot better than what we read in the Bible?

    THe only thing I have to justify the existance of God is "Who made all this universe we live in"? I do not know. So I am willing to accept the existance of God in that context and go on with living. I will use the accept the Bible as a book with its Myths and errors and extract the wisdom as I see it and go on with my life using this wisdom as best I can. I can live a happy life without religion as it exists today with no problems.

    To the "BELIEVERS", who say that there is some sort of psycological reason for my thinking. I say, God gave me a brain to use and I will do so to the best of my ability, surely he would not send me to hell for following a course using the brain he gave me. Don't step on my toes and I will not step on yours.

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    jesus was a half man. only one chromosome. a ghost of genetic data.

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    Holy thread resurrections!! This thing's ancient! LOL


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    Jesus aka Y'shuah was God's representative on earth. You could say he was His lawyer. Also he was the conduit of God's wisdom and His divinity.

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