Jehovahs Witnesses aboard the Titanic

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  • nojw86

    How many JW do you think are on the same ship? The captain on the Titanic told everyone to abandon ship,Watctower leaders tell ones to remain loyal to the end never abandon the org, just how many see it sinking, you see the the unhappy looks on their faces on train stations, street coners, even going and coming out of their meetings, the zeal is gone. One guess that reading so many posts of ones leaving, who wants to sit on a sinking and tilting ship, it makes one a bit sick in the tummy.

  • Esmeralda

    Your post got me thinking about a poem I wrote last year...I posted it on H2O but I thought I'd
    post it here too...


    by Lily Paige

    The water is rising fast.
    It washes over
    the feet of the guilty
    along with the innocent.

    It chills to the core,
    but most are too preoccupied
    to care or notice
    the waves closing around them.

    Many are afraid,
    hiding within towering walls
    that shield their eyes from fearsome sights,
    but offer no protection.

    Many stop moving,
    stand mutely shivering,
    Others look for oars to try to steer,
    to change the boat's direction.

    Some fight each other, some fight themselves:
    wasting precious seconds of their fragile lives.
    Thinking that they have no control,
    over who lives, and who dies.

    Never realizing
    that their war is a fiction
    ...the boat is at all times
    in view of the shore.

    A short swim,
    and one giant leap
    from their position,
    is the stability of land.

    They refuse stubbornly
    to accept what they see,
    in their desperation to believe,
    too afraid to understand.

    I've opened my eyes
    and ears once deaf to the cries
    of those too frightened to
    make their own decisions

    Knowing these are more
    than the prophesied 'sighs'
    of people chosen to be
    God's nation

    I take a deep breath,
    my time is now:
    breathe a final prayer, shut my eyes,
    and step off the bow

    The sea rushing upward
    bringing toward me my calling
    be it heaven or hell,
    striking now...I stop falling

    Some of those around me
    near the beach, don't go on,
    waiting instead for rescue
    that will never come.

    Their fear keeps them captive
    their beliefs borne of hate,
    denying salvation's in their hands,
    until it's far too late.

    Through the flailing and shouting
    I struggle, I strive,
    Through my own unique failings,
    to find truth through the lies

    They shun and berate me,
    as their 'faith' drags them down,
    they refuse my assistance,
    and curse me as they drown

    They can't understand why
    I float, though they sink:
    even as I keep shouting
    "To survive, you must think."

    I struggle to the shore and
    claw my way onto land,
    then my strength starts to rally,
    and I finally stand

    I stare into the sea
    at familiar faces with tears,
    at the scene of destruction
    that was not what it appeared.

    I am grateful that I did not give up my life
    surrendering who I am,
    though I cry for the others
    who have needlessly died.

    They could not keep me down,
    At last, free from their grip,
    Salvation came with reality,
    Of giving up their sinking ship.


  • Pathofthorns

    This is a good post. I wonder how many will stay to the bitter end? Or endure it's evolution into something completely unrecognizable?

    I know most or all of my family will be there. It's sad. There is no honor in going down with this ship.


  • riz


    i think they should make that wretched celine dion song "my heart will go on" into a kingdom melody. rather appropriate, i believe.

    on stable ground,

  • nojw86

    Hi Esmeralda, this is nojw saying thank you for that poem which I just printed out for myself, just great.

  • mommy

    Great poem, I am printig it out too
    This reminds me of another post I read...sorry I can't remember who posted sorry. (Now I am quoting like the wtbts) It told of an elderly person on their deathbed and saying, "Armegeddon isn't here YET?" The look in their eyes told the story of defeat.
    I know if I am still alive at my mothers death, the great respect and sadness I will have for her. She has and continues to forsake so much for religion. She has turned her back on her family in the name of God. I just feel really sad for her, for not realizing that God would never want this. I respect her decisions, even though they cause me so much pain. I look at her strength and hope I am half as strong as her. If she remains or if she stays I still appreciate the fight she has gone through. This is not her fault, she is beign tricked. Kinda like a friend or family member who is "in love" with the worst possible person...nothing we say or do will change this. You just have to be there through it all, to help pick up the pieces when they are done.

  • ozziepost

    G'day Mommy,

    It is sad isn't it when we can see that there is a sure hope that she could have. Paul wrote: "For there are many,....they have their minds upon things on the earth. As for us, our citizenship exists in the heavens, from which place also we are eagerly waiting for a savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will refashion our humiliated body to be conformed to his glorious body according to the operation of the power that he has, even to subject all things to himself."(Phil. 3:18-21)

    He was able to say "The Lord is near."(Phil 4:5) Sadly Witnesses miss out on a relationship with Jesus. It's only permitted to have a relationship with Jehovah with the organisation as their mediator (Watchtower Feb 15, 2001 page 18, para 5) How sad.


  • Tallyman

    Great poetry, Ez.

    I'm going to add it to my "Deap Thaughts" page.

    Heyyy, aren't you that movie star who used to be on . . . ?


  • Esmeralda

    Thanks Tallydude! I appreciate you adding it to your site. mean the picture? am I a movie star? I'll never tell ;)

    *ROFL* I WISH! The picture is a nod to the other online alias that I have used for years, but not
    on the "ex jw" scene or whatever we call this.

    Thanks to everyone else who commented on the poetry as well, I hardly know what to do with
    all this praise *lol* :)

    Ez :)

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    Be Impeccable With Your Word
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  • Tallyman


    here's one I'll share that's been on my page.




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