Was Eve Deceived?

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  • Bruce144


    I was asked the question, how was Eve deceived and not Adam? Persons that believe Adam and Eve were placed in the garden the very same 24 hour day are wrong. Even the Society after the 1975 failure, only then did they act upon the fact that Eve was placed in the garden sometime after Adam. In fact, since Armageddon has not taken place yet, and Jehovah's day of rest did not start until Eve was created, 25 years so far has passed between Adam's creation and Eves.

    Adam had been alone for those years and he knew what the animals could or not do. During this time the parrots in the garden spoke things that Adam had said. By the time Eve came along their vocabulary was rather extensive. Eve was only in the garden a short time before the serpent spoke to her. Having heard the parrots talking
    she was not surprised when the serpent talked.

    At 11Cor. 11: 2 it says, "But I am afraid, lest as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, your minds should be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ." That it is why, by one man's sin death was brought upon all of us, and by one man Jesus Christ, the second Adam, that sin is forgiven. Eve was tricked, Adam disobeyed.

    Bruce Bainbridge

  • larc


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  • perfectpie

    High Bruce,

    Good question.

    Here is a thought. They both disobeyed. They both knew the instructions and didn't carry them out.

    Eve was deceived in that she thought she could get away with it. She thought if she ate the fruit she indeed would not die, Adam knew better but they were both disobedient. Thanks 3.14 chow

  • nojw86

    What a bunch of dummies, to give all that up, for a "piece of fruit" braindead, but who else do they remind you of?

  • willy_think

    ya thay were dumb, but what a great way to blame all the worlds ills on women.

  • nojw86

    Oh yeah,,,,,,Hmmmmmm me thinks Adam was there first, he should have slapped that puny piece of fruit out of her hand and put her in her place,two stupids never win the the victory. Stupid is as stupid does. Blame them both.

  • willy_think

    i don't blame anyone, i am glad we have been given the knowledge. if you left a box in a room with children and you wanted it open just tell them "what ever you do don't open that box" then leav the room.

  • neyank

    Hi Bruce,
    Good theory about what happened in the garden.
    Only problem is,it's only a theory.
    The Bible says nothing about parrots talking and that's how Eve
    was fooled into believing a serpent could talk.
    It would be nice if the book of Genisis explained it in more detail
    but it doesn't.
    We weren't there and we can only speculate about what could have
    happened in the garden.
    Maybe someday God will see fit to enlighten us on that but for now
    all we can do is guess on what might have happened.


  • joelbear

    It seems such bad luck that the very first two humans in the universe turned out bad.

    I have always wondered why Jehovah didn't simply create 1,000 worlds and only punish the ones that were disobedient. Why rely on just 2 entities of any kind to determine the fates of so many billions, trillions of creatures if you count animals that have to suffer being killed now since they are no longer vegetarian. Animals also suffer from droughts, floods, etc. Animals didn't sin and are not inheriters of sin, why do they have to suffer?

    It seems like a bad plan all around to me.



  • trevor


    The Bible got the facts mixed up. There is a new truth now - It was Jack
    & Jill that were the first human couple. They lived on a hill and their sin
    was to take a pail of water without asking. I know this for sure because
    I read it in a book and the writer said it was true.

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