The JW Response to Brainwashing Accusations

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  • OrbitingTheSun

    I was just thinking about a discussion I had a few years ago when I was still an active JW...

    I asked a pioneer sister why so many people accused JWs of brainwashing. She happily responded, "Well, they accuse us of brainwashing because that is what we do. We wash our brains clear of Satans lies, and replace them with the Truth."

    Yea, that was probably one of the silliest things I have ever heard.

  • ashitaka

    LOL...I'll have to tell that one to people.


  • Jesika

    I must say I have never heard that one before-------LOL

  • DevonMcBride

    Ya know, I bet she really believes that too.


  • blondie

    Actually, it has been awhile but that concept has appeared in the WT publications several times.

    *** w73 3/15 186-7 Be a Vessel for Honorable Use ***

    27 Jehovahs witnesses are not trying to escape reality. They are living now with a purpose. They are making their minds over from the way they formerly were being "fashioned after this system of things." (Rom. 12:2) A musician who had lived the unreal life on drugs began studying the Bible with Jehovahs witnesses. His associates ridiculed him, taunting: "Youre being brainwashed." He aptly replied: "The shape our brains are in, they need a good washing."

    *** w56 6/15 360 Getting and Giving the Thoughts of God ***

    Why allow yourself to be brainwashed by dupes oblivious to their own mental bondage? The brains of millions need a washing, but not with the political or religious propagandas of this system of things under Satan. Rather, everyone needs regular cleansings "with the bath of water by means of the word" of Jehovah God, to get his thoughts instead of mans or Satans. Then all will rest content in the highest possible wisdom: "The wisdom from above is first of all chaste, then peaceable, reasonable, ready to obey, full of mercy and good fruits, not making partial distinctions, not hypocritical."Eph. 5:26; Jas. 3:17, NW.

    *** g86 10/22 16 A Tragic Saturday That Shattered My Family ***

    But that was only part of the campaign to dissuade me from studying the Bible with the Witnesses. One of my brothers was a Baptist minister, and he spent three hours trying to tell me how to be a good Christian and to stay away from Jehovahs Witnesses. My father said that the Witnesses would brainwash me, to which I replied that my brain needed a good washing, since I had been taught so many untruths for so many years.
  • ThiChi

    As one PO put it: "What is wrong with having a clean brain?" hehe, yea, Mr. PO, what is wrong with it...?

  • LB

    That is funny. I recall a study article in a watchtower a few years back dealing with brainwashing. It almost brainwashed me into thinking I wasn't brainwashed.

  • Brummie

    Blondie thanks for that list, we used to come out with those pathetic statements all the time...I never recalled seeing them in WTS literature! ..ugh


  • garybuss

    Hi OTS,

    The JW's were running from the truth of their ways back in the 50's. The Company Servant said at a meeting once, "People say Jehovah's Witnesses are brainwashed. That's true, our brains have been washed clean. That's why we have clean brains."

    Apparently they are still doing that old twist today.

    They are proud they been able to suspend critical thinking and rational decision making and have been able to turn over their lives to the Society represented by the elders, or their parents. They like to think they are clean and happy and saved from old age and sickness and death. They are comfortable thinking they are associated with the religious book publishing Corporation God is using to communicate his truths to all the people on the planet and somewhere in the bowels of the Corporate headquarters in New York City there is someone who can answer all the questions that could ever come up and answer them satisfactorily. Magical thinking in action:-)

    Happy week,


    The Way I See it

  • Mulan

    My stepfather (a former missionary and CO) used to quote Ephesians, where it talks about "........mental regulating of Jehovah"
    He said the words used mean Mind Control. Hmmm. Isn't that brainwashing.

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