Child Molestation (Poll)

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  • Prisca

    I know of a cousin (then JW) who was molested by her uncle (non-jw).

    A friend of mine (then non-jw) was sodomised by an older step-brother (non-jw).

    I know a couple of young sisters (jws) who were molested by a friend of the family (jw).

    So that's 2 out of the organisation versus 1 case in the organisation.

    The point is, cases of sexual abuse are not greater in number amongst the JWs compared to other religions. I'm yet to see any scientific study that proves otherwise. The only difference is that we know that JWs were discouraged to seek police assistance in dealing with the abuse.

  • freedom96

    The only case I know of involved a witness dad against his own kids. He actually was sleeping with at least 2 of the 3 daughters.

    He was df'd for drinking. He never was prosecuted within or outside the hall.

    Actually don't know if the elders ever knew. The mom knew, and told my mother about it. By that time though, the father had long since died.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Most people outside the org report it now do they Amazing? Not according to my experience. 5 out of the 7 havent done anything about it.

    I stated earlier, 7 cases out of 100 family and friends. thats 1 in 10. Thats what my opinion is based upon.

    As for 23000 cases within the organization, well, lets say that only 10 percent have been to the elders about it and there are really 230,000 cases. Thats still only 1 in 30. Its probably a lot more than 230,000.

  • shera

    I'm not going to compare the world's population to the organization's population.

    I know it happens in the organization.How was I to know how many anyways?They were threatened with DF if they said a word.It happens every where,it how its handled and the "laws" the Gb has,that ticks me off.just like the catholics,they hid it and denyed it,trying to keep their image clean.

    Well,sadly I know too many people who were molested.Well one family I know of who was JW's at the time,were left with a babysitter and this man repeataly molested them.I am not sure if he was a JW.

    There is more.....but really I can't talk about it...makes me ill that people can do this to children.

    take care all

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Im not a supporter of the Watchtowers position of sweeping it under the carpet . Sure they do that, sure its wrong, but a lot of "worldly" people sweep it under the carpet too. Mothers in denial, "guilty" young women and men, Thats what I see. I wonder if its something to do with human psychology, rather than religious psychology.

  • Prisca

    My friend who was sodomised by his step-brother never told a soul until his mid-20s. Simply because he was so ashamed by what happened to him. The abuse has affected him, but never sought out help for it until he was an adult.

    Cover-up of sexual abuse is not purely a JW trait.

  • Brummie

    . 5 out of the 7 havent done anything about it.

    Refiners you could tip the police off about these 5, A friend of mine has just tipped the police of about a hidden abuser in a JW congregation, it is now being investigated, as it stands the friend has letters from JWs speaking of this hidden abuser so they have proof. Maybe I am speaking out of my hat, could you tip the police of to investigate even if you dont have proof? Maybe they will uncover the proof.


  • LyinEyes

    Just thinking of this how much this is going on , that which we know about , makes me sick. Think of all the cases we never hear of... sickening. Why? What is wrong with people who in my opinion commit the worst crime there is,,,,,,,, how can they? To rape an adult is traumatizing that is for sure. Many victimes of adult rape are attacked and caught in a bad situation or unaware. A child molestor, uses the worst kind of tool for their rape, they take the trust of a little child and their innocence and uses it to lure them. How can a child as they grow older not wonder to themselves why did I trust this person, why didnt I see it? Of course they couldnt see they were innocent and trusting, and that was shattered. I truly believe that if anyone rapes or molest a child in anyway, they should be put to death without question. I guess I am just overwhelmed with how many kids this is happening too. No one deserves to be molested adult or child, but a child's lost innocence is the worst sin.

    I know several cases, JW , non JW, not too many personally, but there is alot in the papers and you hear of the talk around town.

  • Jesika

    I am sorry but I have to say this..................Who cares if you know more molested that are not JW's. The fact that it happened is heartbreaking and life altering for anyone who lives through it.

    Why would you want to poll something like this???????? I find this to be disgusting to say the least.

    Why don't you start a thread about "Mine is bigger than yours", it is popular I hear, in locker rooms.

    The point is to do something about the problem, I don't care what religion or if it has anything to do with religion!!!!!!

  • joannadandy

    I am inclined to agree with Jesika on this one. I do know more people molested out of the org than in, but what does that have to do with anything?

    Has it been asserted that molestation takes place more in the org, than outside? If that is the case please point it out, as I would like to disagree with that point, but I don't ever recall anyone saying that...

    Child molestation is everywhere. That's what makes it so awful, if there was one particular group of people who were more prone to it, it would be easier to stop, but the truth is it happens everywhere!! I am not sure how this thread is helping, can you please explain a little more what you are trying to get at Refiners, I am not following...

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