I am tired of all this ray v.s bill why can't we..

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  • Jesika


    Why don't YOU follow my advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are STILL pointing fingers.

    You remind me of my son when he was 2---"He started it!" Give me a break, who f**king cares who did what!!!!!

    You aren't getting the point!!!!!!!!! Why don't you read what I posted again, maybe you will get it this time, I hope.

    sheesh, some people!!!!!!


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  • Francois

    I'm all for cutting this off. It seems that some here think these two men should be in UNIFORMITY when it's plainly stated that God's children will be in UNITY. There's a world of difference between these two concepts. Of course the WT doesn't appreciate that difference, but they've got an axe to grind in making it seem like the two words mean the same thing. And we're LOTS more informed, spiritual, and impartial that the frikkin' WTBTS.



  • Mac

    Have you heard the one about the farmer's daughter?...................


  • alfie

    I'll preface my comment by admitting I've not been reading the posts re this situation, so I'm not up to speed per the details as to who said what. From what I have read though, it seems to me that both Ray and Bill have one thing in mind and that is to educate people about the WBTS, albeit from different angles and obviously very different concerns. Whether or not they see everything in the same light should, nevertheless, encourage us to throw all of our support behind both men for, if we allow bickering, fault-finding and name calling to become the focal point amongst ourselves then I fear everything this movement stands for becomes a target for mockery and the entire effort will be for naught. We can rest assured that the WBTS will exploit any and all divisions among it's enemies to the Society's advantage.



  • TR

    Crap! I was just going to start a new thread on the subject!

    But seriously, I gleaned some good points from Bill, Focus and Dung on the subject of why RF did nothing, wrote nothing, and said very little about the molestation issue. I also appreciate Amazing relating to us what RF said himself. Although it seems hard for me to believe that RF was never confronted with the issue, it wasn't until recently that I myself learned how truly pervasive the problem is. Then again, I wasn't a GB member either.

    So, bottom line, these people have done a great job of exposing WTS shenanigans.


  • Jesika

    LOL @ mac---yes I have heard that one!!! LOL

    Ok educate me what in the hell does this mean?


  • cruzanheart

    Amen, Jesika! You took the words right out of my mouth. The whole point of leaving JW is that we are NOT serving or pinning our spiritual hopes on a man or group of men. Bill has accomplished some good things. Ray has accomplished some good things. They are both imperfect so both will fall short in certain respects. Appreciate what they've done, forgive their mistakes as we want our mistakes forgiven, and MOVE ON.


  • Buster

    I haven't read much of the trash talking going on. It just seems like so much static over the airwaves. It just takes a bit more tuning to get to the stuff you want. I agree with one earlier post: some just can't get beyond the 'one right way to do this' mode.

    But more importantly, it just looks like some people need a booster shot against following men. I can agree wholeheartedly with the cause and sentiments of one or both champions of a side. But I won't follow either man.

    For those caught in the ruckus, I trust that they will step back and see what they are doing. When they do, it will have been good for them.

    - Buster

    Jes: Thanks again for 'Welcome Buster' thread. This is a pretty nice place.

  • Kenneson

    Thank you, Jessika. Folks, can't we just move on? Surely there must be other topics out there.

  • Jesika


    Your Welcome and I am glad you stuck around, I like it here. The only thing I don't like is the "Flame Wars". I try not to post on them or if you will--"fan the flames". Whether I agree or disagree.


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