Focus on Bill Bowen and Ray Franz (CENSORED)

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  • IslandWoman


    You blathered:

    Ray still wishes to believe there is a lot of good within the Whoreganization (there is nothing good within it) and that reform is possible (nonsense - the Whore only understands the taste of the lash). This naivete makes the inner knowledge he has of the many, many utterly wasted years of his life, spent serving at the breasts of a Great Evil Spiritual Prostitute, more bearable, I guess.

    Are you a comic book writer? You have a charming way of writing "Batman" scripts.... Too bad you feel this subject does not deserve more than your usual clownlike antics.

    Has your signature changed from WHACK to WHACK-Y?


  • DannyBear

    Focus, just another of the 'You Know class' of blathering fools.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    well in think focus, made some good points about the wt being a false christ etc.. in fact i agree on most he said about the wt... the wt should burn!!!! yes i think ray is a little wishy washy,, but he did help many in a style that jw's can swallow... and that is a gift... i think ray could do more ... he is no saint.... for all his bad works in the wt ,,he deserves credit for the good he did... if the wt didn't df him he might be the pope of the wt today???? we will never know.... screw the wt ......john

  • SYN

    An interesting post.

    One minor nitpick, all of your URLs in the post appear to point to an invalid concatenated address. Have a look and you'll see what I mean.

  • ThiChi

    You are dead wrong. You never read Rays books, have you? He had many opportunities to "stay" in, yet he could not bend his principles and took the worst the WT had to offer.

  • Focus

    SaintSatan wrote:

    Oct 28, 2002 09:22
    Ray pleaded and begged like a dog for the wt to stop the dfing process. He is still not fully deprogrammed. His books are mild, making them useful as the first pill for dubs to swallow. I would say focus' description of ray is fairly accurate

    Congratulations on your ability to read and to analyze. Clearly you are no longer of the Shoe Class.

    Do not be surprised at the howling which my posts here and at:
    Bill Bowen: a 'burial' ONLY for those who can read
    has triggered.

    The howl means "I do not like what I think you wrote". It usually does not also mean "I really believe you are wrong" , not that, in the absence of refutation, it would matter if it did.

    It often means: "You are right, but I cannot see that yet".

    Had so many here - who are of good heart, I readily concede - been better at analyzing what they read, they would not have fallen for the Old Whore and her serfs in the Fable & Crap Society in the first place... Hurtful to say, but it needs to be said for the benefit of the Concealed and Lurker Classes.

    Well SaintSatan: while on principle I do not transact with even the milder flavors of Satan, when the alternative is the Watchtower, the decision is an easy one.

    I recognize that, among the Howler Monkey Class of apostate rank (please click here for a list of Watchtower-specified Classes and click here for a list of Watchtower Ranks) who protesteth too much right now, are at least a couple who attacked me for my Pedophile exposing works back in the Flies and Honey, long before the huge numbers of suspected pedo-cases became publicized.

    Oh, they have conveniently forgotten all that, now, and - alas - also the lesson therefrom.

    In case anyone thinks my parodies of Watchtower-specified Classes are fanciful, half of those I refer to in this post are genuine ones, defined in and referred to in Watchtower Bible and Tract Society publications.

    (Carnal-minded Babes in Christ Class)

  • IslandWoman


    You blathered again:

    Had so many here - who are of good heart, I readily concede - been better at analyzing what they read, they would not have fallen for the Old Whore and her serfs in the Fable & Crap Society in the first place...

    Good, very good! Haughtiness has always been one of your weaknesses. A trait you have reserved for your "Focus" screen name. You did good.

    Step away from your own "light" buddy, it's too revealing.


  • seedy3

    Did I miss something?? The only reason I looked at this post was to see what was CENSORED. I'm actually getting sick of reading the back and forth BS between BB and RF.


  • terafera

    It seems we have very little in the way of people in the public eye that can shed some light on the Watchtower and who have been there, done that. I know in my case, had I not read CofC, I would still be racked with guilt, wondering why I cant live the life God wants me to. Yes, he didnt expose light on a child abuse problem..but tons of other inaccuracies that the WT spewed out as the word of God.

    I dont understand why we (exJWs) need to have one representative that perfectly opposes the WT in every sense we think appropriate. Ray Franz brought to many people an understanding of things they always felt, but didnt firmly grasp. Now, Bill Bowen is playing a part in bringing new light on the WT. Should people take sides? My question is, why? What good does that do? How can we judge a person for what they did or didnt do?

    I am sure in the near future another cause will come up and when Bill Bowen doesnt seem to hip on the subject, his supporters will drop him like a hot potato, irritated that he didnt fight for all things wrong with the WT.

    I say, get a life. If someone is helping others and bringing the truth matter what part of that truth is...... we should be happy!

  • sf

    "As to my being a "shear" idiot, you are uncannily correct. I have a knack of shearing idiotic sheep. They are not quite so woolly when I am done with them. It allows them to run faster from the Wolf Class, but they do not thank me for it (nor are their thanks solicited by me, or wanted by me)."


    Hey FOCUS, is it soup....YET?

    The sKallyWagger KLASS

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