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    Bill Bowen wrote about Ray Franz in

    * the thread found by clicking here

    his silence regarding abuse causes me to question his ability to stand for what is morally and ethically right.

    Also see:

    * a thread by rekless found here

    Ray Franz is now an old man, and allowances may be made for this in his evident reluctance to accept that the Watchtower New World Society is a Pedophile Paradise on Earth, which is a fact.

    Ray was never one of the innermost intra-GB ("Gibbering Baboon") circle, and so the evidence of widespread abuse was not directly presented to him.

    And Ray deserves a great deal of credit for his courage in his public attacking of "Mother". However, he did so reluctantly - remember he was pushed out, and did not leave. Had he not been evicted, would a "Crisis of Conscience" or "In Search of Christian Freedom" ever have been written, or would he have continued to merely drift away gently, refusing to come to terms with how he had, blind or with wide-shut eyes, assisted in Spiritual Murder for decades?

    I agree the relative mildness of his books make them more useful in weakening the faith of many waverers, and helping them to make the first steps on the way out of "The Truth".

    And he is a competent, at times inspiring, writer; a rare thing today. Not inspired, though! Or even "inspired".

    All this said, Franz remains till today somewhat mentally and emotionally enmeshed in the cult web and cannot accept that he was either (a) absolutely conned and himself made a jackass of by the ludicrous WT propaganda and manipulation; or (b) had for many years deliberately closed his mind to the growing evidence that he was living a wicked lie.

    To believe there are now almost "only Victims" left within it, and hardly any perpetrators, is idiocy of a high order. Where there are ignorant, stupid or tricked sheep, wolves are always to be found as well.

    Ray still wishes to believe there is a lot of good within the Whoreganization (there is nothing good within it) and that reform is possible (nonsense - the Whore only understands the taste of the lash). This naivete makes the inner knowledge he has of the many, many utterly wasted years of his life, spent serving at the breasts of a Great Evil Spiritual Prostitute, more bearable, I guess.

    Either way, to me Ray Franz is, and remains, a borderline Cult Apologist.

    Like "Friend". So exactly like "F iend", that if I did not know better I would swear...

    No, you are right: I do not wholly forgive Ray. He can NEVER atone enough. That comes from the nature and enormity of his sin, or his failing if you prefer.

    If he wishes he had done much more to try to right the wrongs before he was ejected, he should say so in public. AFAIK, he never has. That is how a truly great person would act. Not that doing so would make him great. He lost his chance for that long ago.

    Of course he would have been expelled for having acted as a great man would. Better that, than to make excuses and slide off, protesting and contesting his DFing until he realized he was "doomed".

    And I wish Ray well, and a happy life. There is a lot of good in him. I completely understand, and sympathize with, his dilemma and his moral cowardice. Now, I believe he is honest and sincere (the abovementioned doublethink notwithstanding: basically, he cannot face up to the full horror of what he helped to thrive).

    I am happy that Ray Franz lived and lives. I cannot say the same about any single other person who held or holds a post above a certain level within the Watchtower Blather and Trappem Sicksiety.

    But real greatness? No way. No, no, no.

    Bill Bowen shows somewhat more greatness and moral courage than Ray. No question. "Why argue about it?"

    So - right on, Bill!

    The only way to hurt the Whore Class is in the pocket, and we are doing that. The main sources of funds are from the developed, Internet-wired countries, and growth in numbers and receipts there has stopped - and will hopefully both decline soon.

    Plenty of lawsuits will help.

    The Watchtower and the Spiritual Pimps who service it prey upon the innocent and the vulnerable. That is how the whole moneymaking MLM SCAM has been designed and how it has been constructed and how it is run.

    The damage they have done and still do to families and relationships is incalculable.

    In the words of the "Prominent Bethelite":
    The Watchtower Society and the Jehovah's Witnesses Cult is an embodiment of SPIRITUAL PORNOGRAPHY, a WOLFISH TRICK, a MOST FILTHY LIE, a CHEAT, a SCAM, a DISGUSTING ABOMINATION, a BLASPHEMOUS INSULT, a WICKED FRAUD, a DISGRACE, a SCANDAL, a PEDOPHILE PARADISE - and a DAMNED OUTRAGE from start to finish.

    Whatever bad and cruel and nasty and insulting things that the Farkel Class says about the Watchtower and its Daughter Harlots the Enabling Class - the Watchtower is FAR WORSE - and it, and those who knowingly participate in its fiendish plan, deserve FAR WORSE than even the AlanF Class seems to want for them.

    Russell, Joe Rutherford, Knorr, F.Franz and their modern-day antitypes and shameless enablers to me are akin to Hitler, Joe Goebbels, Himmler, Goering and their jackbooted S.S. murderers. Little wonder that S.S. Reichsfuehrer Himmler unambiguously expressed his admiration for Watchtower-inspired and Brooklyn-controlled fanaticism - after all, they ran parallel organizations, and Himmler explicitly stated he wanted his stormtroopers to mimic the blind, insane obedience showed by j-Goober's Witlesses.

    The same fate that met these sorts of Nazis should meet these Spiritually-Criminal members of Satan's visible Organization.

    I hope (though I do not at all believe) that there is a Hell. For it is Hell where the Swine Class of hypocrites, cheats, blasphemers and filthy, disgusting liars and Spiritual Criminals and Spiritual Rapists and Spiritual Sodomizers and Spiritual Pornographers and Spiritual Murderers who run (at every level) the False Prophet Borg deserve to be sent, and deserve to stay forever, roasting in agony.

    Evil must be hated and must be fought and nothing, not even love, is more important than this. Oh, sure. I know how to HATE, you do not need to remind me. It is pretty evident. I was taught how to, by the professionals at hatred. The Wicked Jehovah's Witnesses Whoreganization. One bit of Cultic training I choose not to discard...

    I don't hate people, though, just the wickedness that lies within people and things.

    (Death to the Disgusting Watchtower Thing! Class)

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    umm....did you forget to WHACK !!!!

    or to LETS ROLL !!!!

    in any event, what a great guy ray is huh

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    Guest 77

    Focus, what was IN your morning coffee or you didn't get laid last night? ha ha ha.

    Guest 77

  • Francois

    Charges, allegations, and speculations are made in the opening salvo in this thread that are absurd flights of fancy or shear idiocy. At best, they are uninformed opinions regarding the persons and the motivations of Fred Franz and Bill Bowen. The attitude of the writer is that he or she has a godlike insight into both men. In my opinion, the writer is either a fool, an idiot, or both. In rambling on about what motivated these men, and what they did or didn't do or should have done, and what they are and are not, I can see no difference between the writer and the Watchtower. I do wish we would drop the entire subject.

    We become just like that which we hate. This processes is here fully illustrated.



  • minimus

    You can't wholly forgive Ray. He can NEVER fully atone for his sin. Well, thankyou for sharing with us who you do or don't forgive. Can you forgive what YOU have ever done in your life? Or do the rules not apply to you too? I just LOVE angry apostates. They make you feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Don't ever make a mistake, Focus! Or WHACK!!!

  • Satanus

    Ray pleaded and begged like a dog for the wt to stop the dfing process. He is still not fully deprogrammed. His books are mild, making them useful as the first pill for dubs to swallow. I would say focus' description of ray is fairly accurate.


  • Undecided

    There are lots of cult like religions and governments that are so much worse than the JWs, maybe you should change your Focus toward them to do the most good for mankind.

    Ken P.

  • Focus

    I can see that the 'Bearly Litterate' Class (the sort most highly impressed by Ray Franz's expositions, set out as they are with such apparent organization and precision) is busy here.... reading what they choose to read, as distinct from what was written.

    Sardony? Irony? Of course, it is lost on the Gullible Class, who swallowed the crap from Brooklyn Mother with greediness for years, and missed all the bits deliberately put in to ensure that Smart Folk Left (or joined the Wolf Class).

    To offer some polite help to the Shoe Class, you could check the quote I provided at:

    Shakespeare for the masses

    or even my burial of Bill at the link given at the bottom.

    As I do not wish to indulge unduly those with whack-fetishes, I will address only the most profoundly egregious.

    Francois gurgled:

    Francois Oct 28, 2002 07:51

    Charges, allegations, and speculations are made in the opening salvo in this thread that are absurd flights of fancy or shear idiocy. At best, they are uninformed opinions regarding the persons and the motivations of Fred Franz

    My emboldening. Thanks for sharing the evidence of your degree of research, insight, knowledge, carefulness and so on, Francois! I'm sure we'll afford your reasoning an equal measure of trust, now we have seen how much you apparently know. Fred sends you his regards from Hades/Sheol.

    As to my being a "shear" idiot, you are uncannily correct. I have a knack of shearing idiotic sheep. They are not quite so woolly when I am done with them. It allows them to run faster from the Wolf Class, but they do not thank me for it (nor are their thanks solicited by me, or wanted by me).

    I sympathize with the inferiority complexes manifested, and apologize if I have inadvertently supplied the same with yet more grist.

    I don't go beyond that which is written, so I won't say more.

    Watchtowerinsanity is a disease. I treat it as such. Sorry if that offends, but I deal with evidence and with reasoning. I leave gut feelings for those with more confidence in their guts than in their heads.

    Chatterers here, where were you when the Representative of the Ray Franz Class was busy defending the records of the Society on pedophilia?

    Here is where I was:
    PEDOPHILES are to WTS as flies are to honey?

    I know that those of the Class referred to at the start who checked my profile will have quickly realized that I am very dumb, easily intimidated and chased away, so I have also deposited
    some more material about Bill and Ray here for your delectation.

    (Anti-illiteracy, and Helping the Watchtower That Little Bit Closer To (Its) Armageddon, Classes)

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  • orangefatcat

    Gee I am glad this is CENSORED!!


  • minimus

    hey, focus, i love your ramblings. reminds me of the wbts.

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