Witnesses playing stupid mind games

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  • kenpodragon

    My wife recently had her baby shower for the up coming birth. Now that we have not been Witnesses for over six years, many of our relatives thought that we would not have much of a turn out. The reason they would think this, is for the most part we do not do much with them any more and thus they have no clue of what kind of social life we have beyond the days they knew us in the religion. Over the last few weeks, my wife's mother planned a separate baby shower for family. In doing so she was calling people and saying, "please come, as we don't think the other shower being thrown will have anyone at it ... since my daughter is out of the congregation" My wife caught word of this and knew exactly what her mother was doing. It is called playing stupid mind games. Have you noticed how the Witnesses, that we still know, like to play games with us. They want to make it seem that we are to be pitied for the life we have chosen and use every opportunity to act like we should feel shame in leading the life we lead. My wife and I have never been game players though, and when these things happen we just act like they do not exist or ignore the comments they are putting out to bait us. These games can be everything from, over explaining something happening at the meeting to try to spark our interest into a debate. To mentioning that someone we knew is dying, and they want nothing more then to see us return to the Kingdom Hall. All of these attempts have fallen on deaf ears though, yet they continue to toss around the thoughts when ever they feel the need too. If you have ever been around children much, then you know that they like to play games too. About a month ago we were baby sitting our two nephews and niece. They wanted to walk over to the neighbors to see if the other kids could play. It was getting late, and I knew the neighbors would feel the same, so I said "no." The children then left the room and next thing you know they are walking out the front door. I ask them what they are doing, and of course they said my wife said it was okay. Which was not really the truth, as all they said to her was "Should we wear our coats to go to the neighbors?" To which my wife said "Yes." Kids can be so smart in the games they play, yet often they forget that adults check the facts and catch them in the act. It does not seem to change as we get older either. We leave the religion and those relatives play their little games several times a year. So my wife had her baby shower yesterday, and her family one today. To the shock of many Witness relatives there were close to sixty people at her "friends shower" and only twelve at the "family shower" that was designed to save the day. My wife's mother pulled her aside and said, "I had no idea you knew so many people, and were so liked." To which my wife simply said, "next time you should just ask." Which as we both know, will never happen. As Witnesses like to play those games with our life. So do you notice this too, with those you know still in the religion? Do they still play those games? When they do, and they get caught. Do you get that same look I got from my two nephews and niece, as I stopped them in the yard, that look of a dear caught in the headlights not knowing that someone would catch them and figure out what they are doing? I have seen that look more times, than I could ever count. My thought Dragon

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  • Iwasyoungonce


    There is nothing better than to celibrate life. Congrads on a child!

    If you guys are registered somewhere or, if I can send a something via "Mailboxes express," I would be honored to be allowed to do so.


    P.S. I don't like sports/games much. (Outside of Sumo wrestling)

  • blondie

    What arrogance! I can remember when I was moving and tried to get someone to help me from the congregation. Everyone was busy with some theocratic activity. The woman I worked for asked me if I had enough help and I had to confess, I didn't. She and about 9 people from work got a truck and helped me move. My mother came over and was amazed I was done already. (I don't know why since she knew no JW had volunteered to help including her.) When I told her that people from work had helped me she said, "Are you sure you should be associating with worldly people so much?" Argggh!

  • minimus

    Everything's a blessing when they want it to be. If you get a pay increase, Jehovah provided it. If you leave the "truth" and you get a raise, it's the Devil's doing.

  • Kenneson


    I'm so glad your wife's baby shower turned out so well. I suppose when the little tyke comes that will curtail your posts here somewhat for a little while. But, then, immediate family comes first. And what a privilege it will be for you to be a Dad.

  • Iwasyoungonce

    True minimus.

    But I just wanta party.

    And I want to send a gift to dragon's family

    my dubs called and said NO ONE will attend my wifes babyshower the day before the celibration.

    and they can f*&k themselves and or each other.

    I do not care anymore

    But not my family

    any more.

    I don't play


  • kenpodragon


    Were doing good, I think we have to much stuff. My wife is trying to figure out where to put it all. Thanks anyway though.


  • Iwasyoungonce

    Very good.

    Then just a blessing for a happy, healthy, heartfeeling life for you and yours.


  • shera

    Babies are wonderful.my youngest is 20 months old.Shes a sweetie.

    I find,the Jw's think people who leave,their lives will be worse and seems to me, they hope it will be worse.I think its a disapoinment that we are doing ok.

  • wednesday

    Several yrs ago i saw a sis at a assembly-she saw me and started ranting "It's not fair-look at her -i served jehovah faithfuly-it's not fair". She got so crazy her husband had to drag her out of the hall.

    the problem was i still looked good and she had gotten really fat. She thought that bc she had been a faithful servant it should be her that looked good and me fat. I of course thinks she is nuts-gaining weight has nothing to do with being a faithgful servant of jehovah. But it shows u how crazy people can be-she wanted me to be fat as a punishment.

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