JW Mom Convicted of 2nd Degree Murder

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  • out4good3

    I remember in the past when something similar to this happened my wife argued that how can a woman NOT know when she's pregnant. I'm forwarding her this link. I've just got to see how she rationalizes this one.

  • abbagail

    So sad... seems to be many JW-horror stories these days...

    You would wonder how someone 37 years of age would be THAT fearful to admit she had a baby. I mean, if it was a teenager, I could see it. But 37? It's beyond me...

    Although jurors were given an instruction for involuntary manslaughter, the foreman told them they could not consider that option, a juror said. Actually, it was voluntary manslaughter that was not to be considered.

    I couldn't get over this jury. Are they ditzes or what? How could 12 people not be able to get it straight - voluntary v. INvoluntary - and tell the foreman? And/or someone should have insisted they send a note out to the judge for clarification BEFORE they rendered their verdict. Duh!

  • Valis

    Grits...no doubt, and I also wonder if that was the max sentence they could have given her?...I hope she enjoys her time in prison...child killers don't get off so easy while doin their time. It does give one a window into the JW mind though and clearly demonstrates the influence that guilt/fear have on the dubbies life.


    District Overbeer

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