I just had an extremely embarrassing moment!

by gilwarrior 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • LB

    Well gil, at least you nearly got laid.

  • gilwarrior

    I can't mention who it was. It would be too embarrassing for them.

  • imanaliento

    maybe they didn't see that the r is nowhere in gil. I bet they're embarrassed. Ima

  • Berean

    Hmmm . . . caring "friend" so long as there are possible benefits. Yep, I would be embarrassed if I were the other guy too ;)

    Berean (guy, man, dude, male, wears pants in household - when wife allows it)

  • Jesika

    HOW FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx for sharing!!!!

    LOL @ TX

  • Tinkerbell4125

    LOL....too funny! Thanks for sharing that!!!

  • ballistic

    God - yeah, you know what I think? If a bloke can't phone up another geezer and give him a bit of support, pat on the back or even a blokey hug, what is the point???

    Hey women!!! There's some geezer out there just tryin to get his leg over if you cry out for help!!!

  • ballistic

    I had someone pull over to help me at the roadside (I was behing the bonnet or "hood" to most of you) and the second he realised I was a bloke he said "oh- youre alright, I thought you was a woman. He laughed then p*ssed off.

    I thought thanks.... and thanks again.

  • Matty

    I know wot ya mean ballistic! Gilwarrior automacitally finks dat just coz dis geeza is bein friendly and matey and stuff to im and as mistakun im fa a bitch, da bredrenship should end or somethin.

    Geezers can be pals wiv udda geezers I fink, and dey don't ave to be batty and do all dat mingin stuff wiv dem or anythin like dat.

  • ballistic

    yeah, ya got it in one Matty. Whys we suddenly takin like everyone really does in Ingland all a sudden?

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