unconditional my ass

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  • FreePeace

    Here is something I wrote a couple of years ago on the subject of Unconditional Love:



  • borgfree


    I do not know anyone, who demands unconditional love. I know a lot of people, who do their best to give unconditional love.


  • Pleasuredome

    i agree with borgfree

    love is about giving and not about demanding. the WTS demands and takes, and never gives. people who try to give doing so without for fear, are genuine. JWs have fear of the WTS and so their love can never be genuine.

  • hopper

    I agree with Matty: I think people are just generally not forgiving enough.

    Unconditional love is a myth. It is unrealistic to expect it. Everyone has a line, once that line is crossed....

    I find that I am much happier in my life by being forgiving of others. I don't intentionally hurt the people I love, but I'm sure I have at one time or another. I only hope they are compassionate enough to forgive me and give me the opportunity to make it up to them.

  • Skeptic

    I use unconditional love in its general context. Much like I use the word cult when I really mean "high control group". I think most people mean unconditional as in "almost completely unconditional". I think everyone has a ultimate line that if crossed, the love would be lost.

    I give unconditional love.....yet even I know that my love is not completely unconditonal.

    No matter how much I love someone, if I found them sexually molesting my child, my love for them would be gone instantly. I also have a terrible time loving those who knowingly, repeatedly and systematically hurt others just for kicks. So even my love is not completely unconditional.

    And those who know how much I can love know how accepting and unconditional my love can be....let's face it, most people do not go to the extremes that I just mentioned.

    But getting back to your original post, SPAZ_nik, that those who demand unconditional love from you often do not respect your boundaries...that is true in my experience.

    As for me, when I love deeply, I give unconditional love [see above]....and rather than demand unconditional love from others, I would rather get it by loving them so much and so deeply that they cannot help but return it. Out of such love and beautiful relationship is born.


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