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  • SPAZnik

    What is with this *unconditional love* crap?

    When someone demands *unconditional love*, is that not a condition in and of itself?

    In my experience, the people who demand *unconditional* anything,
    simply lack any real respect for other peoples situations and boundaries.

    In my experience, those same people establish rigid boundaries for how they expect other people to treat them.
    Limitless freedoms for them, conditions for you. (sound familiar?)
    Reminds me a LOT of how the WTS operates.

    When they want to establish conditions or boundaries like privacy or freedoms, "that's just different".

    Quite the double standard if you ask me. Hypocritical to the extreme.

    I don't think it is possible, this *unconditional love* myth.
    Not in theory, nor in practise.

    It's laughable really.

    Apparantly it makes for a nice soapbox though,
    for I keep hearing about it from those who preach
    what they want others to practise.


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  • SixofNine

    yeh, let 'em go Spaz, only I have unconditional love and affection for ya.

    you can be

    anything you want

    with me

    e'en (learned that from the songbook) the sniper from DC (learned all 'bout rhymin' from the songbook too)

    so rest your mind (and)

    cum rest (wrest) your hot body on my knee (I make up the dirty parts myself)

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  • LDH


    Re: your poetry. Do not quit your day job.


  • SixofNine

    jealous bitch!

    How's the pope?

  • LDH

    LOL! Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!


    We should talk soon Class

  • SPAZnik

    lol @ both o' u. ding ding ding back in your cornerz please.

    SPAZ (of the ^u-entice-me...now-stop-that! klass) ;)

  • onacruse

    Spaz: "When someone demands *unconditional love*, is that not a condition in and of itself?"

    Good point. Love is always conditional. The WTS has many times clearly stated the same thing about agape. But, since God is agape, then His love must also be conditional.

    Fortunately, there are some in this world who have the distinct pleasure of experiencing a least conditional love, a love based on a genuine mutual understanding, respect, and honor.

    LDH: You dare even describe SixofNine's blather as POETRY? My chipper/shredder makes better sounds.


  • LoneWolf

    SPAZnik --- Couldn't agree more, nor could I have expressed it better.


  • Mac


    Rod McKuen ya aint', but you go guy!!!!!!!


  • Matty

    SPAZ, I know what you mean. I have used this term quite often when I haven't really meant it at all.

    Unconditional love should dictate that someone completely accepts you for who you are, no matter who you are and also for whatever you do no matter what you do, for better and for worse. I guess that ideal is kinda unreasonable for anyone to live up to. When you are finally away from the Witnesses, the love you receive you think is unconditional. Relatively speaking, I guess it is; we all know Witnesses place heavy conditions on their love. Frankly, their love is completely counterfeit.

    Friends or partners will upset you, that will always happen, you can't avoid it. I'm not saying you should be a complete mug, but I think people are just generally not forgiving enough. Some people will quite happily cut their friends and family off forever if they have offended them in a particular way, and that is just an awful way for anyone to behave. Many Jehovah's Witnesses are like this to their family who have fallen away from the troof.

    There are limits to real love of course, you can't be continually forgiving of a friend or partner who is abusive to you, accepting this behaviour is not loving to them. So, I like to have unconditional love for people, but with certain conditions, if you know what I mean! One thing we can do though is try not to be judgmental of people who have different ethics and a different morality to us. We can also learn how to put ourselves in other people shoes, and not base our approach continually on our own principles, as if they are the definitive set of values. That's tricky for anyone, but worth aspiring to.

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