A Second Job

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  • Windchaser

    I was going to be a bartender. But I got Plantar Faciitis and really can't stand for long periods.

    A week ago I got a phone call from the Exxon station, a place that I had applied to a few months ago. The woman, Blanca, asked if I was still interested. It's the graveyard shift, so I will be making $8.00 an hour to start. She said that in two weeks, I will take another class and get a $.25 raise. She is also going to work it out that I get another big raise after three months. I also have the option of working weekends. I will be training next week for two full days.

    She told me I could nap and I should bring stuff to keep me occupied, as it will be a very easy job. I will be sitting in this very small building all night, no pc. I will be working 16 hours straight three days/nights a week. I usually only get four hours of sleep every night, so I may as well make money during these hours. It is pretty safe, I will be locked in and the manager told me that they have only been robbed during the day (strange, huh?).

    My other option is to leave the office that I've been working in for 13 years to go for a higher paying job in the district. If the gas station attendant job doesn't work out, that will be my next step. I really hate to do it, but I can't go any further in my department and I want mo money!

    This means I won't be able to come here as often, but I want you all to know that I appreciate every one of you and am glad for every minute I can come here.

    Edited to add: Two men interviewed me last Friday for this job. They looked at my boobs and one said, "She will be better than Barbara." hahahahahha



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  • Windchaser

    Jim, I met a nice guy (a lawyer) from Yahoo Personals and when I told him about the job, he said he couldn't believe that I would take such a job. He said that I could find something better (he never fails to make me feel good about myself). But, I really think this job will be good for me. I will learn how to use the cash register and lotto machine (maybe I'll win the lotto!!!).

    Topless dancer? hahahaha WAY too strenuous!!! Besides, my boobs look way better in a bra!

  • kenpodragon

    Second jobs are great if you have the free time. Otherwise, just one higher paying job is better. In Oregon you would have to pump my gas and could not sleep. Because in Oregon it is illegal to pump your own gas, unless it is diesel. Weird isn't it?

    My thought


    PS : 24 Gas stations get robbed a lot.

  • Francois

    Alas, if you take a second job, one of the jobs usually serves only to pay taxes on the other so the whole enchillada turns into a net sum zero. Why don't you go to technical school at night, get certified as a Java programmer and start at something like $50K a year? I bet you can do it.


  • Jesika

    good luck!!!!!!!! and i hope everything works out.

  • Windchaser

    Francois, I think I could do it, too. The problem is that if I leave my full-time job at the college district, I will lose my retirement. I figure that I will be burned tax-wise, but it's a way of showing my coworkers that I mean business. If I decide that working two jobs is too much (and that is a big possibility), it will be easier for me to make the transition of getting a higher paying job within the district. My coworkers will see that I made an effort to stay in their office and no bridges will be burned.

    Thanks, Jes!

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  • ugg


  • Windchaser

    Jim, well I like to type! hehe I could type manuscripts! I could help elderly people in my complex. Maybe walk dogs (I love animals)... But, no matter what I do, Francois is right, I'll be killed by income taxes.

    Thanks, ugg. I hope I clear some of the money...really could use it!

  • DakotaRed

    Dottie, good luck on the second job. I hope it works out for you and helps.

    I thought about a second job too, but remember when I did that when a lot younger. In a nutshell, it just wore me out. So instead, maybe I advertise for a room mate.

    Female of course

    Lew W (of the not a dirty old man, but a sensuously seasoned gentleman class)

  • Windchaser

    (((((((Lew))))))) I only have one bedroom, so a male roomie would be better! hahahaha

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