a world without god

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    Lyineyes, Doesn't the scripture say,"My ways and thoughts are not your ways and thoughts?"

    Tell me, if men would understand women, do you think this would be a better world to live in? How many men understand women? Cannot women also say the above words to men?

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  • LyinEyes

    I am not talking about any conflicts between men and women. I think we understand each other faily well actually. At least I feel that way. There are differences and that makes life good, I am glad my husband doesnt think just like I do.

    I am talking about not understanding God's motivies and intentions. I understand that scripture that you quoted.

    But doesn't the bible also say , that man was created in God's image. Therefore , it would seem to me that we have his qualities, not perfectly of course, but by the word image, it would be a reflection of how he is. So if I am sickened by the world situation, I am sure he must be too. That is the thing that makes me wonder if there is a God at times. If God feels so much more feeling than we do, for his creation, then it seems he would put us out of our misery. There doesnt need to be any more things proved to Satan or anyone eles. That has been done.

    I do agree that we just must not be capable of truly understanding the Higher Power.

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    I would remind you of something that Saint Satan posted on a similar thread. "The good in man is God in man showing through". Where do you think the urge in you to help others that can never repay you comes from?

  • SYN

    It's rather alarming when people anthropomorphosize (DAMN! What a word!) God, when really that is not something that is possible.

    anthropomorphize Pronunciation Key (
    v. anthropomorphized, anthropomorphizing, anthropomorphizes
    v. tr. To ascribe human characteristics to.
    v. intr. To ascribe human characteristics to things not human.

    This is the ultimate fault of the Bible and other similiar religious texts, and it points to the need for humans to look up to authority. It's really a part of our primate nature - there always has to be a "pack leader", or possibly an "alpha male".


  • Shakita

    I really do WANT to believe in a God. I use to see God in so many things. When my kids were born, I would thank God for them. I use to see the wonderful things God provided for us, the beauty of a sunrise, the playfulness of a puppy, the laughter of my kids, the flowers in my garden, so many things that I use to thank God for. I really and truly want to believe in a higher power who does indeed love us, his children.

    But, why oh why, would a loving father sit back and let his children suffer just to prove that he has the right to be our father? No one has been able to give me an answer that I think is logical to this question. People have given me anwers in the past, but the answer never made any sense. So, I wait. And, God, I am getting a little impatient!.

    Mrs. Shakita

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    Guest 77

    Lyineyes, there are higher forces at work. Though some may NOT subscrible to higher powers they have NO say nor POWER over world conditions. They have to ride out the storm. They can make as many quotes as they want, they still have no say and power!

    I'm content to leave matters beyond my control to higher powers. What shall be shall be. As the commercial says, "Your in good hands with 'All State'".

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  • Amazing

    I agree that many of the philosophical comments above about God not doing anything or caring are fair, and I have made many similar comments ... at the same time, however, we cannot prove or disprove the existence of God. It would be arrogant to declare no god as it would be to declare there are no civilizations on other planets in the galaxy or the universe. We just don't know for sure. Agnosticism is the most honest in that it awaits facts before making a determination.

  • apple829
    I can't help but think that if there *is* a god, it would be sorta nice if he kinda stepped up right about now... and did something. Anything.

    I've been thinking the same thing the last few days, with the fear, I might add, that the hand of God or whoever would smite me for doubting him. Go figure!

    Sherryl--confused about this whole God thing

  • DannyBear


    *** I don't care much for religion. Spirituality? Yes. But "religion"? Nah***

    Since spirituality means 'not tangible or material', belief in God is somewhat immaterial. It appears that all humans have an almost instinctive need for renewing the soul, holding something, anything sacred. Most of us opting for religion as vehicle for such.

    You and I have rejected religion in general, yet replace it with another form of sprituality. Mine happens to be a belief in God, as manifested by his design of the world around us. I get the same renewal of soul, by looking at Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, or standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon, or walking through one of the giant seqouia tree's who have lived for thousands of years.

    So people man conclude God does not exsist. But human instinct will always prevail, sprituality will prevail.

    The madman/men who are on a killing spree in DC,,,,,have already answered your question. The very first clue, left at one of the crime scenes was a tarot card, with the handwritten assertion "Mr policeman, Iam God"


  • ChrisVance

    Mine happens to be a belief in God, as manifested by his design of the world around us.

    Danny, how do you account for all the violence in nature? Since "god" designed a world with so much violence among animals, apparently he designed a world with violence among humans. If people want to worship such a god that's fine, but I don't understand why you worshippers of "god" have such a superior attitude. I think people who to decide not to worship a god of violence have a little more insight.

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