"It's a conscience matter"

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  • battman

    The Great Debate
    A wise man once told me'

    Never argue/debate with an idiot.
    Someone else might hear the debate
    and not realize which one is the idiot.

    Let us not assoc. with bad association.
    Let us not cast our pearls before.......
    Let us continue to love and support each other
    Let us not forsake meeting together here

    IMHO that is how my conscience feels!!!


  • BadAssociate

    thank you for sharing battman

    here's something a wise man once told me:

    you get what you deserve


    Bad Association Spoils Useless Habits...like selling Watchtower magazines

  • jschwehm


    Many years ago, we had a Circuit Overseer who was quit a dictator.

    He disfellowshipped people left and right and removed our entire elder body. Many of my friends who were involved in dealings with this man were shocked at his arrogance, self-righteousness, etc. When my friends would speak about this Circuit Overseer they would say how he was just one bad apple that happened to be in the organization. In other words, it was a rare occurance that a man like this would have this kind of power. When I told them that they could take this Circuit Overseer and multiply him by about 2000 people that they would have Bethel, my friends would not believe me and would tell me that I had a bad attitude for some reason. :(

    I believe that these JWs had to tell themselves this, otherwise they would have to leave the organization and they were not prepared to do this.

    Jeff S.

  • unanswered

    expat-i am sick of this cowardice too. the sad thing is, even most of the r/f buy it. i have heard so many witneses express the thought that it was their fault for reading to much into the publications regarding things like you mentioned or prophecy. when i go back and read the articles it's clear to me that any reasonable person would assume that the WT's stance was one way, then the WT comes back later and blames their followers for assuming too much. i too hope they recieve their due.

    TR- you crack me up!!

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