"It's a conscience matter"

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  • expatbrit

    Just had dinner with my wife and a couple of her friends.

    One of them was telling me about her sister-in-law, a very nice, kind person who I've met on several occasions. It seems this sister got a job in an office as a receptionist/secretary. Last Christmas (1999) her employer asked her to sign Christmas cards for all the clients. The sister refused, and of course this caused bad feeling all around and much stress to the sister.

    This Christmas, her employer asked her to answer the phone "hello, xxx company, merry Christmas." Again she refused. Again, much bad feeling. The sister became so stressed that she looked for and found another job.

    When she quit, her now former employer told her that the firm had made considerable effort to accomodate her beliefs. Indeed, the employer had even telephoned one of the local elders to discuss the saying "merry Christmas" thing. Her employer was quite perplexed because the elder had told him, get this: "it's completely up to the individual to decide. It's a conscience matter"!

    Of course, after all the stress she had been under, this devastated the sister and she spent the evening in a right state. As my wife's friend said "she felt like she had nothing to say; nowhere to go".

    So this is the new policy of the COWARDS in Brooklyn. Control people's lives; coerce them with fear and guilt into following your whims; then avoid any responsibility for the results. Wash your hands of the pain and trauma that your own writings cause by attributing it to "a conscience matter".


    While you bathe in the adulation and worship of your victims, people are being hurt by your insane religious crap!

    If anyone from Bethel is reading this, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR UNTOLD AMOUNTS OF HUMAN MISERY! If there is a God, I hope he creates a hell just for you.


  • Pathofthorns

    This backing off from responsibility for mindsets and attitudes THEY created by years of carefully worded talks and articles makes my blood boil.

    They've made us look like we're a bunch of loonies when it was THEM that altered our minds in the first place. I hate the way Witnesses "appear" to act "normal" in public to defend the organization and alter and "tone down" what our beliefs actually are for public appearances.

    It's time for some people to start being men and accepting some responsibility and accountability for their actions.


  • AlanF

    It's the same mindset that now makes Watchtower leaders wonder why in the main, elders don't treat the flock very well. Sure, a lot of elders are very concerned and are fine men, but a lot are not. The best ones, to a man, don't put the Society on a pedestal like they're taught to do, and don't handle a lot of things like the Society tells them to. So they're good men despite what the Society says, not because of it. Likewise, the lousiest elders tend to be those who think they're following Society policy to the letter, because that's exactly what they do. So the Society's leaders have created this 'monster' that they now often are embarassed about. One wonders what kind of men could be so incredibly stupid.

    Some may wonder whether the Society really thinks so poorly of elders on the whole. Well, consider that during the past several years elders have been told in no uncertain terms by COs and DOs that they've been doing a lousy job, and that they ought to shape up. Also, several years ago the man in charge of Awake! production, long time Writing Dept. member Harry Peloyan, told me the same thing.

    During the next several years I have no doubt that elders will bear the brunt of blame for all criticisms of the Society -- from Watchtower leaders. Outsiders will not be so stupid as to fall for it, and will understand that elders have been specifically trained to be as they are.


  • patio34

    Is this the principle that is akin to the WT saying jws don't serve in the military, etc., not because the WTS teaches that but because of their own personal study of the Bible? That way the WTS doesn't get stuck for any of the sticky wickets they create by their doctrines. It's on that one site under "Is the WT written by lawyers?" It's a stand-alone kind of thing.


  • RedhorseWoman

    Once again, the WTBTS is more concerned about their appearance to the "world" than supporting those of the "flock" who are trying against all obstacles to maintain the standards that have been set for them.

  • patio34

    Oh! I got it, I got it!! It's the scripture that says "they load heavy burdens on men, but are not willing to lift one finger to help." It fits!!


  • patio34

    Oh! I got it, I got it!! It's the scripture that says "they load heavy burdens on men, but are not willing to lift one finger to help." It fits!!


  • ozziepost

    Doesn't all this seem like: Tell me the same old story?

    From one side of the mouth (figuratively) the Society says that JWs make decisions for themselves, up to the conscience.


    From the other side of the mouth the Society's representatives, elders and CO/DO act at enforcing idealized rules and regulations. Despite what they claim not to be, the elders are seen as 'spirotual policemen', and no wonder!


  • TR

    The WTS has the same problem as Fred Hall, for they too, have their heads....

    As long as their collective heads are hidden within the confines of a dark and smelly place, these things will happen.


  • CornerStone

    Hello Expatbrit,

    What is there that is not a "conscience matter?" From getting out of bed to working to picking your nose is something we think about doing before we do it anyway. It is UNFAIR to people by expecting certain behavior of them on pain of punishment if they disobey and then turn around an say that it was their descision to make. This may sound unpopular but I believe only God himself can get away with doing that!
    Just one more example that makes me think that the GB of the WTS think THEY are God by such expectations. Unlike many hatefilled elders who oppress the sheep, Jesus "invited" people to come to right conclusions on many matters. Sometimes he was stern but mostly he was warm and inviting and very compasionate. I feel very sorry for the sister who had to endure that type of Phariseacal torture. I mean, They in Brooklyn made this assanine "Christmass" rule, not God. Then, when this assanine "Christmas" rule affected this sisters conscience, the cowards would not even ease up or relax the rule to make her life just a tadd bit easier! What serpents! What snakes! What cowards! No mercy here! Just rules, rules, rules untill you die! Then, we'll take your children and do the same to them!
    Well, hopefully, that sister will not forget how those "kind", "loving" sheappards treated her and will make a way of escape for herself. But I don't believe there will be any escape for those snakes!


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