Irresponsible Parents!

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  • TTBoy

    I know I'm going to get a few "you're an asshole" responses but bear with and read and than decide if I performened a greater good or wrong.


    I'm driving down the main road to my side street. I have some retard mom driving a mini-van following me with an 8-10 year old child in the front seat.

    I approach a stop light (red) and this bitch (irresponsible parent) riding my ass. I see the child but did not notice he did not have his seat belt on. I saw that she did. I know because she was riding my ass rushing to a red light while I was coasting to it and I was watching her in the rear veiw mirror.

    So about 10 ft. from that large white line you're supposed to stop in front of I hit my brakes hard at @10 miles/hour. I have a car with 13" disks all around drilled rotors so I can stop on a dime. Now remember this is only 10 feet sooner that I should have stopped. She should have been at least 3 car lengths from me which is around 30 feet.

    Well the POS mini-van, that has no stopping capability, almost hits me and guess what?! This irresponsible parent didn't have the child's seat belt on!!!!!!!!!!!! He touched the dash board with his hands. Nothing serious but it was enough for his mom to freak out. She immediately started yelling and I saw him start to grab the seat belt after she was stopped. Ummmmm I think that's a little too late!!!!! At this point I was mad because this bitch had a child in the fromt seat with his belt off.

    I turned around, out stretched my FASTENED seat belt, pointed at it, than proceded to flip her off! I felt bad about the kid but here's why I think I did a greater good.

    From that experience I can almost guarantee she went home and told her husband some punk, sports car driving, asshole, almost caused her to get in an accident and almost hurt her child. I would hope she will never have that child without a seatbelt on in the front seat or any other seat in any car she operates.

    What if she had been on the highway and had to take evasive action (nevermind it was a clueless driver in a mini-van) - perform emergency braking at 60-70 MPH? That child could have been killed! What if someone really jammed on the brakes in front of her while she was riding their ass and that kid went through the wind shield?

    Yea I know "what if" philosophy isn't an excuse but think about it. I really didn't know the child didn't have his seat belt on but maybe I saved that child's life in some future circumstance. Maybe that mom will be more responsible. Or maybe I'm truely an asshole. I don't know.


  • LDH


    Parenting a child to adulthood is not a sure thing. Every day is a lottery.

    There is so much you CAN'T control that when it comes to something you CAN control (like buckling your seat belt) you are a STRAIGHT UP ASSHOLE if you do not buckle your kids in every time.

    I agree with you. Only, I have been known to get out of my car at a stop light and go over and TELL the occupants to buckle their kids in or I will issue a citation, as I am an off duty Community Service Officer. (A lie, but it works every time. LOL)

    And, I guess, I really *AM* a community Service Officer, eh?


  • SixofNine

    When I was a boy we would shoot apples off the tops of our friends' heads as we rode around in the backs of pickup trucks. It built up friendship and comradery and a healthy respect for just how tenuous life can be.

  • Dia

    I don't understand.

    Why'd you hit your breaks hard if you didn't know the kid had no seat belt on?

    Up to the point where you flipped her off (with her child there), I thought you did fine. But I still don't understand why you hit your breaks hard if it was not to get her to pay attention to the fact that her son had no belt on.

    Flipping her off diluted and distracted from what you were trying to show her.

  • Buster

    There is a shot that you'll grow up someday. But but that day ain't here yet. I'm sure you'ld like to cast your little story as the great aid you provided to that child in the passenger seat. But I suspect you had your little tough-guy attitude 'how dare she invade my space' and you were going to show her. Or were you surprised, or afraid at how close she was. Funny though, with your tool-cool-for-the-room, 13-inch drilled disks, all activated 'hard' with no other obvious reason, that she could still stop on time.

    What if she hadn't Eienstein? What would you do? Your tough guy car with the 13-inch drilled disks that can stop so fast all banged up? Were you gonna get out of the car and get in her face? Yell at her? Get your shoulders all up? Scare the piss out her? - because mommies are always afraid of big tough boys with cars with 13-inch drilled disks! Big favors you're doing for that kid in the passenger seat.

    That little event said more about you than the parent.

  • LDH

    PS, I agree with Buster about your actions, I just got sidetracked (as usual.)

    Don't ever do anything that endangers a child. PERIOD.

  • LyinEyes

    I have two little ones I have to remind , just out of habit to always fasten their belts. I drive a big truck so they sit in the front sometimes, maily my oldest son or my daughter, but I keep the airbag off if the little ones sit in the front. My daughter is as big as me almost, so I am not so worried about the airbag and her size. But my youngest is still small, I try to keep him in the back. He has been the one , who will sneak out of his seat belt to hit his sister in the head. I have had to stop the truck more than one to correct him and make him get back in his seat and fasten belt. It scares me to think that he could unclick it in just a second and that be the wrong second and an accident happens. Just a few months ago a mother and son, from my hometown got in a bad wreck, they hit another car head on, and both had seat belts on but burned in that wreck. It was not their fault. It was so sad,,,, to hear of how senseless it was, all because someone was tailgating another car ahead, and a chain reaction thing happened.

  • TTBoy

    If I could have gotton a liscence plate that said "asshole" I would have but they don't allow it. NOTY BOY was as best I could come up with.

    The whole reason I did it was becausing she was riding my ass as I was approaching a RED light. Like I said I didn't know the kid was a potential flying object.

    Was I wrong for doing this? - NO. I have every right to stop my car when, where, and as fast as I want. It's the person's responsibility behind me to allow enough room to safely stop their vehicle. That's why that law was made faulting drivers who rear-end for not "allowing assured clear distance" or "to fast for conditions". The best would be if they were uninsured that way I could take everything they own and garnish their wages to pay for my damage. (OWWW my neck hurts) Morally or ethically wrong? Don't impose yours on me.

    If she had hit me, I really don't care, it can be fixed. I have a spare anyway though it doesn't brake as well but I'm sure I can still get someone to rear-end me in it. I'd of laughed at her. She'd lose her insurance, get the points on her liscence, and have to pay for it all, not me. One less moron on the road that I don't have to deal with. Would the kid have got hurt? I don't know, she should have had his belt on. Is it my job to make people safe and responsible drivers? - no. But I do my best. If someone did that to me would I be pissed? Yea - but it won't happen because I don't tail-gate and all my passangers must wear their seatbelt.

    Anyway, I think some of you need to rethink the situation. Go 10-15 MPH and hit your brakes, you can stop in like 3 feet maybe 10 feet with reaction time. That's a car length, why would you follow anyone closer than that? She was aproaching a red light, she was looking ahead, and was already braking. It's not like I was on the highway and braked for no reason. (though that's fun too - I've never seen people move from the speed lane to the slow lane so fast and quit tail-gating people).

    The whole point is that she should have had the child belted in no matter what. Yea, I did do her a favor/wake up call unintentionally. You may not agree but that's what I think. Better what happened than her have a serious accident and she has to visit her child's grave.

    I'm damn proud I can stop 70-0 in 160 FT. I only have 11" rotors on the back though- I was wrong. They're also vented in addition to being drilled, ABS, and over 3FT of lateral tire-to-road contact area. I didn't expect people to agree with me. Hell I could have lied and just said I had to stop fast but I'd rather tell it how it is.

    I also have a lot of creative ways to get dents and damage on you car fixed at the expense of other people. Any side damage can be easy fixed by driving in an area with a double turn lane for an afternoon. If you find the right intersection you can get nearly any part of your car fixed for free.


    I can't spell

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  • BeautifulGarbage

    Was I wrong for doing this? - NO. I have every right to stop my car when, where, and as fast as I want.

    You are kiddin me, right? RIGHT?!

    I read both your posts and I must say, more pompous pieces of bleating prose I have not read in a long time.

    Fact: You were not sure if the kid was wearing a seat belt.

    Fact: You deliberately hit your brakes "hard", not because you needed to avoid some hazard or other situation that may have endangered you. No! You merely wanted to each this "bitch" lesson. Translation: INTENT to cause damage or harm.

    So, when you willfully hit the brakes you also knew, KNEW, that you may be further endangering this child. This child is an INNOCENT, capish?

    Was the Mother wrong not buckling up her child? Yes, of course. She was endangering her child. And you, YES YOU, further endangered him with you asinine little stunt. The safety of a child, ANY CHILD, overrides your "right" to brake any time the notion pops into that head of yours. You have a responsibility to consider the best interest of that boy, even when you are angry with the Mother.

    Well, hey! Next time I'm driving and I see a kid playing in the street, I will hit the accelerator! That will teach the bitch Mom a lesson for letting her kid play in the street! Yeah! I might even save a life!


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  • LDH

    TT, your statement about it being 'your right' to slam on your brakes....kind of reminds me of that scripture Paul wrote. "All things that are lawful are not advantageous."

    You were wrong, too. You endangered the life of a child to teach a moronic parent a lesson.


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