We see things the way we want to see them

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  • minimus

    Why do JW's think like this? It's because it's been drilled in their heads.Not much will change their perception.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Perhaps the punishment they've believed and promoted makes the real truth so disturbing that it's very hard to go there, physiologically even.

    It seems like hell - in the dark, about truth - chained there by certain 'needs', in the place without love - and what the hell is 'conditional love' anyway? a lie in a word.

    I think it's worse than hades, that's at least useful, in hades you know more about yourself, maybe not about God. I suppose t his would sound pretty strange to others.

    There's a part of the bible (catholic) that other groups have dispensed with, about three people who become put into hades - they learn a lesson and the Lord removes them from the 'flames' - I like it.


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  • terabletera

    Things have gotten very bad many times over. Economy, Puh! There's much worse than that even. But what can you do? Think it is an end all? Or say you can make it. We all think about it...I think we all do anyway. You just keep going.

    Hey remember the big influenza in 1914 or so that killed more people than the war? Every single person had a family member that died from it..so I read. Interestingly, and this is worrisome, they really still do not know how it spread. It just killed off who it could and the rest....were just lucky. The word influenza came from the fact that they did not know how it spread, "influenced" or by the air alone. I mean, people were not so mobile as they are now and yet a town out in the middle of NOWHERE would get the big flu and people started dropping like flies. This was on a public radio show I listened to once...we think this horrid disease cannot sweep through again? Sure it can.

    Now, don't we all feel better about the economy? heehee.

  • kenpodragon


    Thanks, now you have me really freaked out.

    My thought


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Point well taken. And of course we know it's not just the JW mindset that looks at world events as some "sign" of the end.

    Ya know Dragon, some days it would be "nice and comfortable" too believe God cares...but alas, it just doesn't work for me. I have no answers for anyone. I've learned that it does matter how I view events, but I also know that Fear is perhaps the greatest enemy.

    As for current events...hell, this stuff has been going on for centuries and the masses are content to have their television with it's biased news coverage, sports, soap opera's, trashy talk shows that encourage violence/hatred, all sorts of material trappenings that keep one enslaved to credit...the list could go on and on.

    I also tried living in a make believe world of my own creation...ignoring some very important issues that effect the world, but ya know what; speaking only for myself, looking through rose colored glasses does'nt change the fact that we live under the control and dictates of men who seek world control...at any cost; well, except to those who pull the strings. They never put themselves in harms way.

    At the same time though, I do my best to stay out of fear. The bastards have always, will always, do what they do for furthering their agenda for global conquer. On the flip side of all the evil politics, I've also learned how the Magic of thought produces good, too. That's what I try and stay focused on. So again, speaking only for myself, it's about balance. Yes, the world is full of "evil", but there is still a lot of good/positive people and things. I can see both...for what that's worth. Well, it's worth a lot to me. It doesn't really matter what others think of me.

    It's getting closer!!!!!


  • hopper

    I used to do the same thing... such and such happened, the end is coming, oh what to do what to do. I find that life is so much more enjoyable now that I don't read into everything that happens.

    Shortly after 9/11, my father pleaded with me, "Armageddon is almost here, how can you not see that, why don't you want to be a JW when you KNOW it is the truth?" I just smiled, hugged him and told him I loved him.

  • SloBoy


    Good post.This thread comes around from time to time. There are many people in varied responsibilities, both religious and non-religious, who feel the system could fail at any time. I've come to appreciate that their words are just as credible as WBTS. But knowing when and if the system is going to end is not my job. I've been given the assignment of taking care of the day in front of me. For me, that was a big problem in being a Witness; I was asking the "God of all Creation" to give me milleniums of days in the future, but couldn't, on a regular basis, deal successfully with the one in front of me. Though the Witnesses would have obliged that fatal predicament, (as long as I kept showing up for meetings and the back-room discipline), I looked for help elsewhere. Things aren't perfect, but they are better. I now try to take care of my "job" and let God do his.

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