What thing did you do when you left

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  • shera

    What was one thing you did and really wanted to do when you left the JW's;what you couldn't do because of the organization?

    Mine was martial arts.

  • Skeptic

    Mine was having a meaningful sex life.


  • scootergirl

    Sleep w/my boyfriend. Actually, we moved in together.........

  • DanTheMan

    Reading religious/philosophical books not published by the borg.

    I also sport a goatee now, I've received many compliments on it.

  • DJ

    Well, I had pretty much done all of my major sinning prior to leaving! The first thing that I did when I left was.........corny? I searched for the real Truth. Once I had that answer, the jw's became just plain stupid. I have never been happier or more fulfilled.

    I guess the major thing that helped me the most was.....are you ready??? I prayed to Jesus. At first I thought that I might get smushed by God for that but it was the best thing I've ever done. Dj

  • Jesika

    I had sex for my first time.

  • Buster

    Well, these answers were pretty predictable. I was in college and I remember one particular semester when I got on a good run of luck and woke up a lot of weekend mornings in a dorm at a nearby college. In fact my new-found hobby cost me my on-time graduation.

  • Mulan

    I remember telling my husband he was no longer controlling me, and to "knock it off". I still can see the shocked look on his face.

    I respect him and love him very much, but no one controls me, EVER again. I am independent, and he is loving it.

    I think there are times he wishes I was submissive again, but I was always kind of rebellious in that area. Most of the time I looked to him for decisons, as though I didn't have a brain.

  • IronGland


  • KD

    Well since I was in still in my early 20's and single, I decided to go to college. I ended up joining a fraterninty and had the time of my life!!!!!

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