What did you REALLY think about the banned things

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  • SpannerintheWorks

    What prompted this topic was when an ex-JW ( ex-elder ) friend of mine told me that once when he was doing a "car" witness with three others, near to christmas time, they lost one of them! After a bit of searching along the route, the others eventually found him in a house, eating a mince pie and drinking a glass of brandy!

    My friend reminded him that he shouldn't be participating in these " worldly things. " To which he replied, " we might as well take advantage of people celebrating christmas! "

    Was he maybe doubting the WT rule in some sub-conscious sense? Did YOU ever doubt the WT's "rules"?

    Were they really that important?

    When it came down to brass tacks, would you allow your child to die if he/she NEEDED a blood transfusion?

    Would you tear up the christmas card that he/she had so lovingly made to you, in front of all the other parents?

    I'm sorry but that last sentence really did it for me.........

  • freedom96

    If my child had needed a blood transfusion in order to live, there is not an army out there that would have stopped me.

  • dsgal

    Men not being allowed to have a beard is totally absurd.There is no scriptural basis for it that I ever found.And NO,I would not allow my child to die if he needed blood.When I was a dub,I signed for my son to have blood if he needed it before he went in for a tonsillectomy.My husband was an unbeliever so there was no problem with him.I never told any of the Witnesses about it and I felt a little guilty but I would have felt worse if he had needed it and I had refused to sign.

  • SpannerintheWorks

    Hey, Freedom, nice to see ya!

  • SpannerintheWorks

    Hi, Disgal

  • StinkyPantz

    I always stayed in contact with my disfellowshipped friends. Since we weren't allowed to have "worldly" friends I cherished the ones that I was allowed to have. So even if the left I still kept them as friends, they were still good people.

  • jws

    Though all these things were kept secret from anybody who would have a fit...

    I also kept in contact with a disfellowshipped friend - though later "new light" showed that since he was never baptised, that he wasn't really disfellowshipped and it was OK afterall.

    I started celebrating birthdays when I was in high school and also began some X-mas gift/card exchanging.

    Didn't see a clear "no" in attending college, so went anyway.

    Drinking for fun and recreation.

    Dating non-JWs - c'mon, you've only got like 6 choices of women at your hall or else somebody you meet at a convention who lives an hour away.

    When I got the chance, I got "apostate" literature and read it (and here I am today...)


  • KD

    While I was in it, I still celebrated holidays with my parents. Hell pass up turkey and stuffing the way my dad made it!! Are you kidding!! Now that my dad has been dead for a number of years, I miss the holiday cooking more than ever.

    Oh, by the way. The reason why I was df'ed was that I donated my blood to a dying man whom I did not know. I told the Elders that I had no regrets and would do it again.

  • shera

    I was always "scared" my daughter would need blood,because I knew I would not let her die.I just left because there was no way I could live a JW life.

    At first I thought they were ok,but as time went on,I thought this is just way to controling for me.We all should be happy ,that we are all strong people in mind and emoution.We left and we are all ok.Some are still healing ,I know I am.Look at it this way.


  • joannadandy

    Remind me someone, why can't women wear pants?

    Women can't look nice, can't be dressed respectfully, won't be able to think straight, or take proper headship from men, if they are allowed to wear pants!!?? What was their reasoning on this one?

    I can almost hear a Dub Elder say "We don't want our women folk dressin like men. It tain't right!"

    I am sorry but I am from a snowy clime, and if you want me to go bang on doors in snowdrifs, why can't I wear pants???


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