About Bullying

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  • oldcrowwoman

    Thanks for posting the link. It's sad that it has taken until the year of 2000 something to bring up the awareness.

    Coming from a dysfunctional family not having emotional support. I felt I had no place to go for support. I lived in terror from 6 yrs to 12 yrs old. How I ended bullying was by picking up a tree branch ( size of baseball ) hit the gang leader along side of the head. I was pushed to the breaking point of not tolerating being abused anymore. Scared the liver out of me. The kid turned out okay.

    After that point the abuses stop. On one level I understand those who take action against the bully.

    One of the healing tools in recovery working with a body worker (massage therapist). There are memory cells and issues in the tissues. It was pointed out I had a scar on my back and was asked what happened? I could'nt give an answer. After the denial lifted it was a injury from being abused by the bullies.

    Just recently here in Minnesota a HS student killed 2 students at a school. I don't know if it was a situation with bullying?

    The Minnesota schools are working with awarenesses of bullying now. It takes the whole community to work on these issues to make a change.

    Old Crow Woman

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