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  • Xandria

    For those who questioned how to handle a bully. This may give you some ideas and insight.


  • searcher

    I was bullied at schoolby a group of boys, on a regular basis until i smacked 3 of them in the head with a sweeping brush, after that it stopped.

    Maybe it was not the correct psycological approach, but it sure worked !


  • Elsewhere

    It also helps to sneak up behind a bully with a bat and ........

  • Elsewhere
  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    Thanks Xandria!
    My 10 yr old son has had to deal with a bully at school.The school staff helped me put an end to it, and talked to my son and the bully about it. I made sure the staff person called my back to let me know how and when this was going to be taken care of after my son reported the bulling to me. It looks like we took care of the problem without further violence. I get the impression that schools are taking bulling a lot more serious than when we were kids.

  • Elsewhere

    Sure, a FEW schools are taking action.... all it took was some kids tormented by bulling going on shooting sprees.

    A little late if you ask me.

    (Don't take my comment personally Diamon... this subject just strikes a nerve with me)

  • Xandria

    Yes, especially now because of the libel they can incure due to not inacting on a report. Harrassment can be a form of bullying and many districts have been sued over inaction on thier part to protect the victim of these cruel actions.

    For years, it was looked at as kids being kids. But over the years it has become down right evil what some children will do to one another. By the inaction of the district it can be construed as acceptance of this behavior or validation of it.

    So yes, districts are definately taking this seriously. Because it can effect Bond Issues, other funding and grants,etc. Especially when the budget doesn't have enough monies to cover a Settlement over a tort. Insurance will go up too.


  • Scully

    Great topic Xandria. And one close to my heart. I've posted excerpts from books and articles I've read on the subject in previous threads.



    Love, Scully

  • JH

    Bullies are cowards. They usually pick on much smaller than them. And usually they are in gangs, because alone they are chicken.

  • jwbot

    Watch the movie "Bully" by the same guy who made "KIDS". Great, true story about kids in florida who brutally murdered a bully who had been physically and sexually abusing them.

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