Quick Build , Remember those!

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  • LB

    So you worked on a quickbuild when you weren't a brother in good standing? That wouldn't fly around here.

    Oh I was the head painter on a couple of quickbuilds. Then about a year after I stopped attending I got a call to get ready for another one. I lied to the elder that called me and told him I was DFed for apostacy. I found myself removed from the quickbuild list.

  • LyinEyes

    LB just reminded me of something I forgot about. Damn I am mad all over again.

    My sister was living with me and Denny a few years ago. At the time we were all doing the JW thing. My sister was single and got into a little trouble, nothing a meeting in the little room wouldnt fix. SO she was on restrictions.

    We went to a kingdom hall building and as you know all the help is volunteer. My sister offered to help lay bricks but they told her she couldnt be used.

    How sick is that. At the time I didnt think it that strange, after all you got punished for everything.

    But looking back on it now, it is just sick. They let a younger sister lay bricks and she was just an unbaptized publisher who was in no hurry to join the rest of her family in getting baptized too soon.

    Talk about making my sister feel like trash,, they sure did, more times than I want to remember.

    I hate that I didnt see how bad all of this treatment was until after I left. I didnt feel that was right to do to her, she was trying to get her life back in order and had ceased any bad conduct . Just goes to show you how they like to use their power. But alot of things that happened to us as JW's we just filed away and figured what ever was happening to us, fair or not, was God's will.

  • unclebruce

    ooo ly'n to an Elder .. careful LB a bloke could get disfellowshipped for that!

    Here in Australia quick builds are the flavour of the millenium. My ol' friend Ben Dykstra is travelling the Pacific Islands organizing them. (if you gotta be a witness that's the job!)

    uncle'slow build'bruce

  • apostate

    I heared of a young brother showed up in a T-shirt with a NIKE logo on it to one of these quick build projects. The elders ask him to cover the logo with duck tape so he doesn't desacret the place. What a bunch of idiots some of those elders were!

  • SYN

    The only QuickBuild I can recall attending (the growth has been slow in SA for many a year) was when I was a kid, barely ten years old. One of the Elders busted me playing with a hacksaw and gave me a damned hard spanking! Heh, I'll never forget that day again...

  • NewSense


    You really should invest in a dictionary; a dictionary is a big book with lots of words in it that helps people to spell words like "desecrate" (not "desacret") and "DUCT tape" (not "duck tape" ). I really don't know about you, but I can assure you that most people would never attempt to put tape on a duck!!! Why the hell would anyone want to apply tape on a duck?!?! It would not work. You'd only wind up wasting tape, not to mention pissing off the duck!!! No, you mean *duct* tape. A duct is a pipe, a conduit, or a shaft. It appears in such words as "aqueduct"; "tear duct"; and "air duct." These are conduits through which pass water, tears, and air respectively.

    So, be kind to your web-footed friend, because that duck could be somebody's mother... Quack. Quack.

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