Oh No, Not Again!

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  • mevirginia


    MeVirginia - Are you addressing ME, m'am?

    I read your post and noticed your profile is Christmas Island. So I guess you're not really from Xmas Island?lol

    Thanks Lew.Nice to see you to. I think I might hang around a while, at least until it gets to hot. Again.

  • Sentinel

    You are all such great folks here! Queenie, and DJ, I hope to get an email off to you soon. Thank you very much for your concern and hugs!.......and Donna, your invitation to seek refruge with you in PA, was such a kind gesture. (((((((((hugs to all))))))))

    Genuine thanks also to: Shera, DakotaRed,Plumkrazy, LB, Francois, No Apologies, Animal, Mrs. Shakita, SixofNine, Perry for your post replies.

    Francois, I certainly take no offense at your remarks. Actually, I applaud you for your honesty. Someone close to me has been trying for years to tell friends and family most of the things you talked about. That while we have been living the good life, we have been neglecting to keep "our fence in tact", and some badness has crept in. The fact that this country is blinded into giving so many rights to everyone else, that we are losing our own. Now our country is filled with "strangers", people who hate us. People who are in these terrorist cells just waiting for an opportunity to attack americans. And, our own fellow Americans ready to go "out" in a blaze of glory for their cause. There are lots of people who hate us and it's scary.

    I am a woman, but I am going to say this much. If I had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and it was in my car, and I per chance came upon an incident where I saw someone take aim to kill another person, I'd just have to try to do something, shoot their tires out, their windshield, anything. I told my husband yesterday as we were driving down the road, that if I was in the midst of something going down, I would ram my car into them, I would sound my horn. If we all run scared, they just gain more control. I believe that more and more folks are beginning to think along these lines. (hubby says no doubt, the killer would just take aim at me, or I would be the one arrested...probably true)

    Can our government protect us? Good question. Well, they haven't been able to save some twelve people here, and this could happen in sections all around the US. I agree with Animal. I don't believe we can truly count on our government to save the little people--too much politics going on. They will save themselves first. There is evil everywhere in this world. But, when evil has a following, and evil can group together, we are in deep $hit. As we speak, they have proven over and over, that we can only "react" to what occurs. We cannot stop it. So where do we go from here? What are our choices?

    I've decided to live my life. If I get shot, then I will be shot while "living my life". I'm tired of being too scared to be anything but nervous and anxious. We've been trying to plan our trips to see family members before all the shootings began around here. Tonight we finalized our flights. Am I frightened? You bet. Like you Plum, I wonder whether these things are starting up all over the US. We will fly out of Dulles in November on two occasions, and right now that is a hot area. I figure if they can't protect us there, then we might as well just all hold up in our little boxes and pull the lid tight.

    And that's not really living at all. As LB said, "this will pass". I sure hope so.

    Love to All,


  • animal

    I dont think there will be another airliner incident, at least not soon. That is where most people are focused, which gives the bad guys another advantage... not many paying attention.

    This govt has been trying to protect us from ourselves for a few generations now, to the point that most people depend on them. That is where the fear and frustration are coming from now. Those of us that have spent most of a lifetime ignoring thier mandates have seen this coming and tried to warn others. Things are ripe for many more attacks.


  • Beck_Melbourne


    You take care of yourself now...and I'm sorry to hear that these sniper attacks are happening over there...I watch the news and think of my friends in america...it is a distressing situation...and we can only watch in horror as these things take place.

    As for immigration and this new type of terrorism - they go together like peas and carrots!!!


  • DakotaRed

    Karen, I applaud your decision. While the actual odds are quite high, one chance is too many. With that, the best advice I can give is to not make yourself an easy target. Be aware of your surroundings and as much as possible, have your car, gas pumps, or something between you and a likely spot for this nut to be lurking, at least until they catch him.

    Lew W

  • Beck_Melbourne

    It seems the world is in a sorry state indeed....I just heard 2 people were shot dead at Monash University (Melbourne) an hour ago. Others were injured...not sure on the details...its not on the news yet.


  • Beck_Melbourne

    I just want to add regarding the association between immigration and terrorism...the gunman was supposedly an international student, not australian. He/she opened fire on a group of students in a tutorial class...so far 2 dead and 8 injured.


  • DannyBear


    One of the best commentaries I have ever read. You were able to show the duplicity and outright stupidity of the open door policy.

    If you are concerned about who you invite inside the front door of your personal domicile, then why not our home front.

    The american public is waking up to this 'liberal agenda'....conservatisim is on the rise.....it is for the very reasons you so eloquently stated.

    Thank you.


  • Francois

    Danny - Thanks for your kind remarks. It's often very unpopular to speak the truth. Especially where socialists are involved. This is exactly why, when socialists take over, the very first thing they do is murder the writers, the thinkers, the intellectuals, and such as that. Truth and Socialism do not go together.

    Beck - We've been wondering when such shootings would begin to take place in other cities over here and in other places around the world. Your note about the students is the first I've heard about shootings in Oz. I'm sorry it's happening. I'm sorrier that it's happening where you and your family are. One more thing for a mom to bite her nails about.


  • Sentinel

    Thanks for the additional posts here from my friends, Beck, Dakota.

    I am weaning myself from the media news. It's getting old. I listen once in the evening and then switch the channel.

    Stuff is happening all over the world. People die every day in horrible ways.

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