Child Abuse - "I don't care. I haven't got any children".

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  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    That is so uncomfortable to read, I'll bet it was even more uncomfortable to hear......and even MORE to actually SAY.

  • StrongHaiku

    "I don't care..." pretty much sums up the attitude of the GB, many of the JWs, and the God of the Bible. None of them seem concerned enough about child rape to lift a finger to prevent it.

  • pepperheart
    Im pleased that you said that cofty good for you :-)
  • berrygerry

    Sofia Lose:

    Have you ever attended field service arrangements?

    Have you heard announced when a 10-year-old has been APPROVED BY THE ELDERS to aux. pioneer?

  • umbertoecho

    It's what a lot of them will say when backed into a corner with facts. My sister lost all her composure and turned to insults when I refuted the crap she was trying to force me to read. She wasn't so calm and mild with "words seasoned with a little salt" then. She lost her bloody temper!!

    Just a little dent in their brittle shell of "righteousness" will make a lot of them crack. Then you will see what the real personality is like. The personality is very distorted after years of expecting everyone to die but them. It's almost impossible to discuss anything like that with them. How could it not be?

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I would have said to him:

    "the scripture is having fulfillment in you, which says: 'having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power, and from these turn away.' "

  • umbertoecho

    They just need to change the authorities notification policy. The two witness policy is no longer, so there is some improvement in the case of accusations of physical/sexual abuse.

    Also parents need to take better care of their young. Yes, parents.

    This is not accurate. I don't know where you got this information from Sofia Lose. The two witness rule most definately applies. What people are saying on this site is that they want the organization to treat this crime as a crime and inform authorities. No one is saying that abuse doesn't happen elsewhere.

    As a parent I took every precaution and somehow it still occurred after a good few years of my trust being gained. My children's too. Then it started and for a short time the children said nothing. The second I found out, he was out, then charged and found guilty. You sound a bit cold to me

  • konceptual99

    The argument about parents is one I am starting to hear from dubs to deflect responsibility away from the organisation. I am sure that in some cases abuse may not had happened or been less extensive had parents been less trusting with members of the congregation. However this does not mean you simply blame the parents.

    Peadophiles become masters of subterfuge and manipulation. There is a reason the preparation of a child for abuse is called "grooming". The process is not limited to the child, it extends to the family and friends to enable abuse to occur. Often abusers are within the close or extended family, even parents.

    I am sure there is not one parent of an abused child that does not look back and wish they had done things differently, regrets actions they made or decisions they took that in some way enabled an abuser to harm their child but to start blaming parents above the abuser is simply unfair and only deflects away from the real problem.

    The WTS is allowing an over simplification of the cause of the problem to become a stock response. They are happy to let R&F Witnesses blame parents and become all indignant that parents or the victim have relied on the elders and not gone straight to the authorities. This kind of apologist nonsense has no place here.

  • cofty
    BTW, cofty, did you post the earlier conversation? - Sparrowdown

    Here you go...

  • Vidiot

    Sofia Rose - "...The two witness policy is no longer..."

    Sure, if by "no longer" you mean "staunchly reiterated".

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