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  • bikerchic

    "THE" sweetest thing, wow that is hard to narrow down to only one, hey I'm old and have lived a long and mostly happy life so a lot of "sweet" things have happened to me along the way.

    HOWEVER......(yeah you knew there would be more)

    As of late and hey I'm old the memory fades and I can only remember back a few weeks at a time....CRAIG IS THE SWEETEST GUY! I can't pick only one thing he has done or said so here is a list of recent events;

    the first time I heard his voice on the phone, I'll never forget how sweet he sounded.....

    the time he told me I'm beautiful in the Greek sense of the word....

    when he told me finding me was like the time he found a beautiful flower all by it's self in an unlike setting on a hike one day as a kid, something he never forgot.....

    wanting to meet me so bad he flew down here.......

    seeing him for the VERY FIRST time at the airport and my heart jumped......sweet!

    picking out a ring and surprising me with upsizing the diamonds......

    making our engagement special with a balloon flight and buying the glasses to remember it by.....

    oh meeting me with a yellow rose at the airport!......

    and the ticket to fly up to see him......

    and insisting on talking daily on the phone regardless of the cost.....

    Wow it just goes on and on and gets better and better and the best thing is that on every level he meets my needs, emotionally, physically and yes even spiritually. How can life get any sweeter than to have THE ONE you were meant to have in your life IN YOUR LIFE! Now THAT is S~W~E~E~T !!!!

    Katie (of the totally smitten by onacruse class, and looking forward to the sweetest life ever!)

  • onacruse

    <<thinking that I should have listed a whole bunch more sweet things>>



  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    The sweetet note to me was from my Ex-boyfriend after I divorced my Ex a few years ago:

    You are the most beautiful woman that I have ever known. Your hair, your eyes, your lips, your body--perfect! Your personality, your charm, your grace, your faith--better! I can't help but be drawn to the closet thiing to perfect that I've ever seen. I'm a moth to your flame. You thrill me.

    After I read this note, I just melted. I never threw his letter away. There is more...but I don't care to disclose that here.

  • joannadandy

    My first real boyfriend got me a boquet of sunflowers and wrote a poem comparing me to a sunflower or something, and how I filled his life with sunshine and happiness...I forgot the exact words, and think I threw the card away in a fit of "I HATE YOU" when we broke up. At the time it made me melt. But it just goes to show what an awful person I am, I can't even remember what it said...hahaha!

    The other nicest thing was more a gesture than anything. I was pretty upset with my parents and had no idea where to go or who to talk to. I ended up at my friends house, composed myself and tried to make it seem like I was all fine and dandy just stopping by to say hi. It worked for about a half an hour, but then he knew something was wrong, I burst into tears and he let me cry on his shoulder. He then tucked me into his bed (no he didn't climb in too) and just stroked my hair and back until I cried myself to sleep. It was easily the sweetest thing any guy has ever done for me. Just to be there for me. And he didn't try to get in my pants...amazing!

    As for what I want someone to do for me...hmm...I am still waiting for someone to tell me "damn that is greatest orgasm face ever" OH WAIT you said non-sexual...

    I dunno, pretty much any small gesture that is unexpected makes me turn into a giant pile of goo...I guess I will just wait patiently for more of those...

  • kelpie

    The sweetest thing my man had done for me is because this is my first birthday I ever celebrated he made it a big deal for me.

    He surprised me the night before a dinner cruise around the lake which was really romantic and the next day he gave me a rose gold braclet. He also sent a huge bunch of flowers to my work and requested my favorite song on the radio telling me how much he loved me.

    The day after my birthday he surprised me with a birthday party with all my friends and non witness family there. it was so nice to be spoilt that way.

    I must say he is very romantic and does little things all the time that mean so much. I love him so very much!!

  • ShaunaC

    The sweetest thing ever done for me....

    About a year and a half after getting of the WT I had begun to experience severe depression. Every 2-4 weeks I would lose myself in crying fits that I could not stop. It culminated in me writing a letter to my parents explaining why I had left. This after my honey Nick had already behind my back had called my mom twice asking what he could do to help repair our relationship. She of course explained that the only acceptable thing was for me to return. His calls never did spur her to call me.

    Anyway, a few months later I finally had a sit down discussion with my parents. It ended very badly, with them walking out of my house without even saying goodbye. On the way out my mother threw a 5 page letter on the table, a letter full of so many hateful things a mother should never say. I was so deeply sad that I could barely function.

    At the time Nick was living 2 1/2 hours away from me. The day after my meeting with the parents I drove after work to see him for the weekend. As soon as I got there he had a basket ready and we headed out. We ended up at a sand dune where I see huge as day "I love you Shauna" written with seaweed on the dune. He was upset that some of my name had gotten messed up (he had done it early that morning). We then hiked the dune and sat and ate our picnic dinner before a beautiful California ocean sunset.

    I have never felt so loved after feeling so unloved from my own parents. It was truly the sweetest and most loving thing he has ever done, although he's come close quite often. I LOVE YOU NICK!!!


  • DanTheMan

    Ladies, don't forget - we guys are softies at heart. Don't be afraid to say something sweet and mushy to your man, he will appreciate it more than you know!

  • czarofmischief

    My woman came rushing up to work to give me my lunch and my pills which I had forgotten, and then when I came home after my double shift, the house was perfectly cleaned and orderly and there was dinner and a beer.

    Ahhh... sweet, sweet love. It's true love when she knows me so well. I don't expect her to be "perfect woman" all the time, but she did all that as a present for me, a complete and wonderful surprise.

    And then she made me take the check that I earned on my first paid acting gig and spend it all on myself. She took me shopping, and I bought eight new books and a Fear and Loathing in Las vegas poster. It's good to be a 20 something with a hundred extra bucks.

    So I'm taking her to a poconos style motel as a giveback.


  • Skeptic

    I guess I am one of the luckest guys on the planet. I would have a hard time choosing the sweetest thing done to me, as there have been so many.

    Sometimes the sweetest thing is just to have a good friend there when you need them. To hear what is on their heart, to be there for them and have them be there for you. Sometimes, that is what heals the heart the most. Wrapping your arms around a dear friend, and having their arms around you. One heart holding the other, as they gaze into each other's souls.


  • hopper

    Nothing comes to mind. I think I am still waiting for it.

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