What's The First Step To Leaving The "Trut...

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  • Mac

    I developed a peculiar little habit of reading the scriptures both preceeding and following their proof texts given at the meetings. This can be quite disconcerting, to say the least!!!!!!!!

    'nuff said


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  • Terry

    To leave the religious cult which has made an idol out of "mouthpiece channeling" by clueless, undereducated, amateurs begins

    and ends with willingness to be SUPERSTITIOUS.

    Superstition permits people to accept invisible persons into existence.

    Once you accept invisible people, you can accept talking animals.

    If you can believe in talking animals you can accept a vocabulary consisting of words so s-t-r-e-t-c-h-able, they can mean anything!

    Take the word "day" as an example.

    God created the Earth in 6 "days".

    A day is with Jehovah as a 1000 years to man.

    A day for a year, a day for a year.


    A word which can 'mean' anything---really means . . . nothing.

    So too with Superstition. It can mean anything. So, it means nothing.

  • Finkelstein

    The first step should be giving toward an open mind to other explanations and answers as to how, what, where and when of

    are own existence and toward the world in which we live.

    As well realsing that the bible and all the other mthyiogical expressions from out of human hisroy was rooted

    in human ignorance and expressed from out their own puspoe and need.

    Human ignorance only proceeds to a causative detrimental folly for humanity.

    On the other hand knowledge has proven to have many advantageous aspects toward improving the human experience.


    The Truth as described by the JWS is that one day soon all the problems in the world and of humanity are going to be resolved by a supernatural god

    once imagined by a bronze aged ancient civilization.

    Well that very well might be an attractive story to headline publications with but there is no real adherent truth to that proclamation,

    it might incite fear into people's minds and hearts and facilitate assuming amount of power and control over people

    but in reality there is no Truth to be found from those kinds of proclamations.

    They may strike an emotional conscious state but not necessarily embraced in rational logic derived from accepted physical reality.

    It takes more study and investigation to reach the Truth of reality in are awareness of are actual existence.

  • joe134cd

    On reading these experiences it suggests what I have always thought. DIRECT APOSTACY NEVER WORKS! In most instances it's the exact opposite. There has to be an event or series of events that either is upsetting or leads to questions. It's usually when this happens then the apostacy will follow. With me I never liked the way I was treated in my congregation. It was only in conversation with a work mate that made me start searching and when I could find no statical data in the mags I was then forced to go to external sources. Less than a year later I was out.

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