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  • Satanus

    According to the wt, jehovah just loved having animals killed for him. Sure, the kid is over the edge. But, it's not like the idea isn't there in the wt theology.

    If the wt god was real, if the wt elders had gods spirit, then they would cure, instead of create psychoses like this kid has. Funny how the wt has no treatments for a poor kid like this. He ends up being treated by a 'worldly' facility w 'worldly' staff.


  • avishai

    A paduan, I work w/ Severely emotionally disturbed kids, 60 hrs. a week, & though their hearts seem to be in the right place, & he may have a chemical imbalance, this sounds like the result of severe abuse to me. No, the jw's don't tacitly condone animal cruelty. THey may even condemn it. But when was the last time you heard of someone df'd for beating the living sh&t out of their kids? Neglect? Parents using the cop out of "He does'nt love Jehovah" to avoid really dealing w/ the childs deep seated emotional problems is another one I've seen, even when a child is 9 yrs. old!! Look up the stats on fundamentalist religion & SEVERE child abuse, (not just spanking) Yes, stats can lie, but when children are given no recourse in an abusive family but to talk to untrained, often biased & bigoted elders........It really does'nt help in the same way others are allowed various Psychiatric options & foster care. THINK people, of course they don't "condone" animal sacrifice, that would look bad. THey condone child sacrifice, as is demonstrated by their willingness to spiritullay "kill" there own offspring, often times to absolve guilt @ there own shortcomings!

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Yes, he's being treated as the law allows / provides, but I doubt he's being cured - one issue in our non-judgemental medical ethics (unconditional positive regard) is that we must respect the beliefs/religions of all others, meaning everyone, so no one is allowed to even tell that kid that jwism is nothing but horseshit.

    Yes, he would likely have a chemical imbalance, however, it is my medical consideration that such physical imbalances can be induced by emotional disturbances - such as oppression etc. I doubt though that there will be any apology from the wts over inducing illness by promoting mistrust and fear - a group that denies the undeniable and obvious certainly won't be putting their hands up for that one.



    A great number of people thrive on any sense of empowerment they can acquire. A lot of those people, men in particular, are attracted to Jehovah's Witnesses because of the legalistic, authoritarian philosophy of the organization. In their mind, it validates their own pursuit and exercise of power, which in many sad cases is directed at their immediate families. I have personally known some really screwed up kids whose fathers, elders in most cases, were known to be unyeilding disciplinarians, ruling their families with the iron fist of "Jehovah's will". As very young children, they were admired for being so "well-minded" and "well-trained" at the Kingdom Hall. But as some of these kids grew older and needed to find and express their own individuality, I could see the relentless enforcement of their father's mind and will driving them into depression and desperation. Depending on the fundemental emotional make-up of the individual, this can lead to some pretty bazaar mind-sets. Each of us are born with a unique mind. Though undeveloped, the natural potential and leanings are already there for a unique individual. Nothing good can come from trying to mold a person, by force or intimidation, into a someone they are not.

    I think the WTS's accountability lies, not in condoning the tragic results of this kind of upbringing, but in fostering and sanctioning the authoritarian metality that leads to it.

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