what you boys think about the vatican decision?

by comforter 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • rolling rock
    rolling rock

    Like I said this morning cumdumpster. I can see that your wit is an unstopable force...

    You should check out some jobs pumping gas in D.C.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    And comforter, I think it would be a good idea for you to represent the wts, with lengthy preaching for them on their behalf.

  • Stephanus

    Read carefully, Dunce. I don't believe you've ever been a Dub

  • comforter


    aint you being a little generalizing? just cause some jw might be pedophiles dont mean that all or every other jw is a pedophile.


    earlier you said you thought the nameless one was an ex jw. make up mind of yours.

  • heathen

    I think the vatican decision stinks .They should just give up and hand over all their childmolesters to the authorities and while they're at it shut the doors for good .

  • SpannerintheWorks

    Comfy, make up your mind, can you read or not?

    This is what Steph actually said:

    I've decided that you must really be an apostate

    And please don't say

    a) I'ts the same thing. It's not - get your dictionary out.

    b) That's when Steph mean't, nonetheless. He didn't - he would have said ex-JW then, wouldn't he!

    Edited by - SpannerintheWorks on 19 October 2002 8:9:56

  • gumby


    just cause some jw might be pedophiles dont mean that all or every other jw is a pedophile.

    No one has accused all male Jehovah''s Witnesses as being Pedophiles.

    Your Organisation protects those who allow this crime. Or haven't you learned of this already? Now.....go away till your ready to open your eyes.

  • blondie

    Actually, what JWs or ex-JWs think about the Vatican decision is not as important as what Catholics in the US think about it.

  • D8TA

    As with all of Comforter's posts, opinions, and general existence:

    Unzips pants.

    Pulls pants down.

    Pulls boxers down.

    Squats over Comforter's post, opinion, and general existence . . .

    "MMmMMmMMmmMMMMmmmm...oooooooooooooooh....yah. That's it."


    Pulls up boxers and pants.

    Zips pants back up.

    Flips Comforter the bird.

    Remember: You still are my biotch.


  • minimus

    Hey Comfy, Where were you when WE were being assaulted? It's funny how when you were being trashed, we didn't hear a peep. Comforter, why won't you go back to your previous style of writing? I've asked you this question before, but haven't gotten a response. You are not uneducated. Is this your way of laughing at those on the board that correspond with you? Please answer intelligently. I KNOW you can.

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