need fluff? Tell some corny church sign sayings

by LyinEyes 25 Replies latest social humour

  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Saw this one on my way to work...

    God requires spiritual fruits

    Not religious nuts.

  • blindfool

    I always see the church sign that says:

    Whats missing in our chch?

  • Xander

    blindfool has a good one.

    The Most Powerful Position is On Your Knees


    Oh, indeed....

    There are a number in our area, can't recall most of them.

    Anyone else have those big, black, billboards with white text on them that go like so:

    "I saw that"

    "Lets meet at my house Sunday before the game"

    "Last time things were this messed up, I sent a flood."

    "I can think of 10 things that are carved in stone."

    "How come you only talk to me when youre in trouble."
  • Hmmm

    Stick close to the Son and you won't get burned.


    Spend time in the Son and you won't get burned... something like that

  • LyinEyes

    Along the lines of the lines of Xander, we have billboards all over that give me the creeps.

    One says..........."Attention, there WILL be a test." - GOD

    Another one says..........."What part DIDN'T you understand." - GOD

    These scare me, make me think GOD is gonna get me for sure, and boy is he sarcasstic. HEHE

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  • Xander

    This one is rendered in our area as:

    "What part of 'Thou shall not' didn't you understand?" - GOD
  • Jourles

    Hey, this is a good topic. Churches around where I live are always changing their signage. One that I pass right now says:

    "Walmart isn't the only saving place."

    and just last week it said,

    Where are you going? And why are you in that handbasket?

    I just about drove off the road laughing when I read that last message. That one is definitely a keeper!

  • blindfool

    I saw a tee shirt in New Orleans once, on the front it said:

    "Jesus is coming!"

    On the back it said:


  • Jourles

    Blindfool, do we live in the same area? Another church has that sign posted too. Even my wife laughs at that one. I'm suprised she gets it.

  • apple829

    Saw this one last week:

    Seven days without prayer makes one weak.

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