After-meeting conversations

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  • butalbee

    Yuck. I used to just stand there and smile, pretend to pay attention, say yep, every now and then, or RUN for my car.

  • stichione

    I never talk about the meeting after its all over. The material presented is too boring and repetive.

  • dsgal

    Hello Sister,aren't you so excited about the new information that was presented in the meeting tonight?I am very thrilled about the way we are supposed to present the magazines this month.Wasn't that an amazing # 3 talk that was given tonight?I just couldn't wait til the meeting was over so I could rush over here and talk to you about it! LOL!!

  • Cicatrix

    The guys at my former hall talked about what a shame it was that all of the sisters wore skirts that went down to their ankles after they got married:)

  • Imbue

    Why would you need to talk about something you were supposed to read already three times. First, when it arrived in the mail. Then, study carefully each paragraph while answering the skewed questions. All before arriving to the WT meeting to read each paragraph and read the answers from the same paragraph you supposedly read already three times.

    It was boring enough to read it once. LOL...The only thing we discussed was the pompous answers the bethelites, elders,and their wives would give.

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  • Dismembered

    Plus it's all kindergarten idiom


  • lv4fer

    Oh thats what we were suppose to be talking about......My conversations were more like....

    Can we get the kids together and go skating a movie etc. What have you been up to....same old stuff work etc. they would usually tell about various aches and pains as to why they might have missed the last meeting god forbid.

    I do remember this one gal...she was a few short of a full deck and she would always talk about how she looked forward to the paradise and that she was going to see the Giraffes and how she loved Giraffes and that they give birth standing up. My daughter and her friend use to go up to her and say Hi and then place a bet as to how long it would take this woman to start talking about giraffes. They would then try to get away from her and bust up laughing later telling me about it.

  • Sangdigger

    My dad would drill me and my brother for the 15 minute ride home after nearly every meeting, asking us to tell what we "got out of the meeting" some useful point or topic. I remember his surprise when i told him a sore butt after one thursday night meeting. I then spent the next 5 minutes dodging his hand as he tried to get a hold of me while zig-zagging down the road.

  • Buster

    I guess I went to a hall that was a bit different than most - the after-meeting time was the only thing worth going to. We had a load of kids our age and we (boys) were either talking about girls, or to the girls, and sometimes planning our dirt bike rides. It was also the disco era and it was clothes-horse time for a few of us.

  • undercover

    I remember people trying to provoke spiritual conversations, whether after a meeting or during service. Not stimulating, spiritual discussions in trying to reason on why we believe what we believe but the mundane, boring, contrived conversations. "I sure will be glad when Armagedon gets here." "Isn't the wickedness bad? I'm sure we're in the last days." "Isn't brother (insert name of most obnoxious elder here) wonderful? He has such a way with words on the platform." I learned to never be one on one with these people. I looked for my buddies so we could argue about our favorite sports teams. Our discussions about that were much more animated than any talk we ever gave. We always pre-arranged our car groups so that we would never be stuck with the weirdos, FPs or FEs(future pioneers/future elders). Sometimes I felt guilty in that my conversation was never "spiritual" but then I would look around and notice that most everybody elses(normal ones anyway) wasn't either so I figured I was normal after all.

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