Jon walks again

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  • kelsey007

    Some here have heard about my son and the loss of his feet due to bacterial menengitis. Yesterday he was finally fitted with his new feet. After standing and taking steps he was promised his new feet for next wednesday! I will be in p'cola with camera in hand as my son finally walks out to my car. He was a very excited young man last night.

  • detective

    I hope your son has a speedy recovery. Good luck to him!

  • nilfun

    My best wishes for your son. I think it is great that you are there for him.

  • Windchaser

    Kelsey!!!! This is such good news. I am very happy for him (and you)!

  • blondie

    This is good to hear. How brave and strong he is and with his loved ones support, I have no doubt that he will just keep improving.

  • Gopher

    As one who is walking-impaired due to side-effects of spinal arthritis, I am so glad that Jon will be walking around (using his own feet) so soon. Independent walking is something so easily taken for granted, until it's taken away. When you can walk, the whole world opens up to you!!

  • kenpodragon

    Sounds wonderful!!! Glad things are working out.

    Take Care


  • BluesBrother

    Hey ,thats wonderful! nice to hear some good news

  • LyinEyes

    What heartwarming news. Please tell Jon there are so many people who are thinking of him, even thou he doesnt know us. My kids know all about my"chat" room friends and joke at how I love to chat all the time.

    This is just wonderful...hearing things like this just makes you so happy to be able to share the joys of someones life. Jon had a hard hand handed to him, and know he has a chance to walk again. How old is Jon?

    If I were a billionaire, I would buy my own jet, and fly all over the world to just hug you all. Especailly Jon on all he has been thru. I had trouble with my feet as a child and had to have surgeries for arthritis and was laid up alot thru the years. I can only imagine how much Jon will be so happy to be able to walk again................(((((((((((( Jon and Mom)))))))))))))))))) Love ya, Dede

  • LovesDubs

    Wow...I never knew that that disease ravaged people that way :( Is he happy to be upright again? I bet he is!

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