Were You Obsessed With Demons?

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  • yumbby

    Sometimes when something bad happened at home, like when my dad lost his job or something, my mom thought we were being plagued by demons, one time she made a huge bonfire in the yard and burned all the furniture. She also liked to go to Garage sales, but if we arrived at one that was ran by pentecostals, we had a code word and we never would buy anything from them, because my mom was convinced it would invite demons into the house. So yes, I was constantly in fear of demon invasion, because we all know that those sneaky little devils are constantly trying to sneak into our house!

  • czarofmischief


    Still am. The "fallen angel" mythos is a fascinating cultural phenomenon among the JW's. I heard many good "demon" stories, and in fact, am putting some of my best into a collection - which I might post somewhere. If anybody has a good one, let me know at [email protected]. Most of them have three things in common:

    1.) The basic assertion that Jehovah's Witnesses have the "truth," with attendant privileges of protection and risk of becoming the focus of demonic attention.

    2.) Demons as evil gods, to which the "false" religions pay worship. Witch doctors, etc. all have powers beyond the ordinary because of the demons. Anything inexplicable, from UFO's to horoscopes, is attributed to demons attempting to distract the servants of Jah from their duties. However, these demons can never assume physical form, and only in rare stories do they actually cause physical harm.

    3.) The presence of a possessed object causes harm, or the possessed person performs some act of prophecy, until the use of sanctioned action displaces the demonic forces.

    Anyway, if anyone has a tale, mail me.


  • bittersweet

    hmmmmm......while reading this thread I lost my internet conection...do you think it was demons?

  • Wolfy

    Grew up in Nova Scotia where there are alot of very old homes. I know people don't believe the 'stories' about demons(or whatever they are) ;but some very weird and scary stuff happened to me as well as my friends. That's why I am an agnostic..I believe that there is something out there but I am not sure what it is


    1/I saw my best friends eyes roll back and getting slammed up against the wall...(Getting goose bumps remembering it)

    2/My friends grandparents were not JW's. His Grandfather was a Warlock. Found his cloak and some of his belongings. They would not burn..Poured gasoline on them...No effect...Had to bury them.

    3/I would pick up items in the house and get an intense(migraine like)headache accompained by a nose-bleed.

    4/My father was an Elder and along with a couple of Bro. from Bethel they went in and removed some objects from the house....To this day he does not want to discuss it. My friend said alot of freaky stuff happened...Rooms turned red...Light bulbs burst.etc..I had talked to my Father about my problems with the JW's. He said that the things he had seen and experienced convinced him that there are Demons and that the truth was right.

    5/Watching my friends Dad trying to take a floppy disc out of his Mac. He would eject it and go to grab it and it would fly back in...Numerous times...He grabbed a Bible and started praying...The disc came out then.(flew out actually..almost hit him in the face)
    Lots more stuff and not just with my friend.....

    While I am still technically 'in' I don't believe very much of what is shoved down your throat anymore. In spite of my disbelief in what the Society teaches I have had experiences in my youth that scared the hell out of me. Was it Demons? I really don't know...All I know really is that this stuff really happened to me...I remember being so scared I just about pissed my pants....(I am getting a really creepy feeling just writing this)

    I know everyone will either flame me or discount what I say and that it up to you. I am not sure if it was Demons persay but something was responsible.....

    My $0.02


  • Pleasuredome

    i personally have never had any problems with demons. i only came into the truf 5 years ago and have since a few weeks ago quit. i know that my sister who hasn't been a JW has had problems over the years.

    although i say i never had any problems, ther was one time when i started talking to my best mate about the bible and God etc, without the WTS jargon, hype and dogma, and that very night in bad i was awaken by a what seemed to be an electrical buzzing sound in the room which eventualy faded and then a couple of seconds later my car alarm went off, it was quite strange. whether that was demons i dont know.

    i think some people can imagine they are being affected by demons in their dreams at night but i think this is just in their mind. but i think some are really affected, however from my knowledge of things happening to other people i think that demons pick on certain individuals for some reason i'm not quite sure.

    i know a family who aren't baptised who are being hassled by a poltergeist, but it seems that its only affecting those who attend the KH rather than the 2 that dont. in fact the 2 dont even know that its happening most of the time, only when they're told whats happend.

    well some people will believe and some wont, its up to each individual. but i certainly dont agree with people using these experiences to instill fear into people and meake people believe that the WTS is full of truth.

  • Dismembered

    I remember one dumb-ass BS conductor infer that if we could see the demons "That the sky would be black with them, no sunlight". What an ass

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  • Shakita

    When I was young, I knew a girl who was a very sweet thing. Her family was having some problems. It turns out that some very strange things starting happening to this girl. I heard that they had to have a priest come out to the house, the girl was in so much trouble. Well, this girl starts speaking in another voice, starts levitating over her bed, and just acting up real bad! This priest starts praying over her trying to rid her of this demon that has entered her body. Her head seems to make a 360degree turn and..................oh yea, that was that movie "The Exorcist!" I guess I am getting a little forgetful in my old age!

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