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  • QCA1

    Hi to everyone.

    I was outside my workplace the other day having a smoke and what did i spy but 2 well dressed men with brief cases,i knew straight away they were jws.I was hoping they would come while i was on my break but they were going to other work places first.My break was finally over and to my disappointment they did'nt come till i had left. Anyway,my boss knows that i am interested in all things jw so he took there booklet.

    I was reading the letters page and here's what 1 letter says.RESTLESS LEGS. I've just read your article "Do you have restless legs"(november 22nd 2000) I have suffered with this for 18 years,I thought that i was alone.I've often cried because of frustration and lack of sleep,and i have had all sorts of medication. Of course,the only complete solution is (WAIT FOR IT)Jehovahs Kingdom.

    S.T.,from Scotland didn't say it had cured her though,but then those restless legs couldn't help but go knocking on doors.


  • gumby

    Hi QCA1,

    Restless legs?...Me too! It drives me nuts. I don't have it all the time but it's getting more frequent.

    I took a xanax(cant spell it)...zan-x is how you say it anyway. That really did the job but I'm not going there with this drug.....it's tooooooo nice!

    So did the article give any helpful hints?

  • out4good3
    Restless legs?...Me too! It drives me nuts.

    Yeah...me too. Especially when she has red high heeled pumps on and they're .........



  • gumby


    Your going to burn in hell you wicked bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bodhisattva

    I always found it interesting how many of the supposed letter writers had no idea about their fairly common or well-known afflictions until reading about them in Asleep! Go to a doctor now and then, people!

    Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious. - Orwell

  • Francois

    Gumby, you spelled it correctly, and you're right to avoid it. Xanax is a powerful benzodiazepene, addictive is hell. When you try to get off, you are consumed by high-level anxiety of a type you really don't want to experience.

    Even in-the-know street junkies don't do Xanax if they can help it.



  • terabletera

    Wow, I remember the love of xanax days. I was extremely careful with those and gave them up only after a few months. As you said above, "tooooo nice"

    Had a friend who was battling breast cancer. She, too, took xanax like they were yummy flintstone vitamins. She had to give up many of her meds as she battled the cancer. Here this wonderful, insightful woman fell deep into a great emotional turmoil and last christmas, took her life. I really agree that we need to be awful careful about drugs! BTW, I was never warned about how addictive xanax was but I heard enough on tv.

    regarding those letters from readers, isn't it interesting how often JWs wrote in describing how close to suicide they often were until they got some great article in one of their subscriptions. In reading the wording of the letters, they were written by JWs that is for sure, not some worldly one that picked up the magazine and their life was saved. But they do try to push that one on us regularly.

    Dunno, just thought it was rather alarming how many JWs were so close to taking their lives when the article arrived at "just the right" moment.

  • out4good3


    If it's anything like sitting behind this desk 8 hours a day, I'll be running the place within a year.

  • frogit

    What the hell is "Restless Legs"?


  • Golden Girl
    Golden Girl

    I have that. It can drive you nuts. Xanax (sp) isn't supposed to work. I am surprised someone said it did.

    It can also affect other parts of your body.

    This site explains more...


    Check it out..be glad you don't have it............

    I noticed the article also...in the Awake?. It didn't offer any help at all!...As usual....

    Golden Girl....Who has been known to almost kick poor hubby out of bed!

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