Has the watchtower lost its grunts?!

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  • mustang


    She was closer to 18 years of age!!!! The 8 was a rating the 1-10 scale for feminine pulchritude. She achieved the "fox" status, as we call it in the states. Still, who wants to bring a Dub witch home???


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  • unclebruce

    LOL@ benext!

    Lost in all this is the skillful way the brothers tried to find common ground with the householder. They noticed his rocks, one even commented on building a wall. And they left him in a good mood for their next visit. Can't you just see this demonstrated at the Service Meeting or maybe even an Assembly?

    wow .. i thought i was manipulat'n them while they thought they were manipulat'n me! LOL .. checkmate .

    . well, i'll surround their bishops with raw pawns next time!

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