Sniper strikes again?

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  • Sentinel


    It's me again. Yep, I got up this morning to this news. I posted something on the earlier DC sniper thread.

    All along, I've felt it was two people, taking turns. And, with all the "times" of the killings (except the one at 2:30PM at the school) being in the morning or evening, and no killings on the weekend, it's almost as if the killers actually go to work "after" or "before" a killing, and are with their families and friends over the weekend. Could killers actually be that casual? Can two people "be crazy" at the same time??? These are premeditated and planned out in detail, even though they might appear random. I do believe there is a distinct reason for who they kill and where they kill.

    This innocent woman was beside her husband, at a Home Depot parking deck, which they say is protected on three sides. It was 9:15PM, and a Michael's was in the same Mall! This is in Fairfax, which is yet another precinct. The police say this was a very accurate shooter.

    This is so horrible. But, according to the news just a few minutes ago, which they are really quite "tight lipped" about the details, I do believe the killers were a bit careless and brazen this time. No doubt there are witnesses this time and more to go on. The media of course, is just doing "overkill". They need to let the police do their work.

    JT, and everyone out there, please be careful. We need to do normal things, but be aware that the Michael's Store seems to be a genuiene clue to the locations of most of the shootings. What that means, I have no idea, but you won't catch me in any shopping area where there is a Michael's within a four block radius. Am I paranoid? You bet!

    Be Safe,


  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    I'm paranoid and I live in the UK !

    I think crimes of this nature resonate around the world. It is the factor UNKNOWN that makes it so sinister.

    I think you are right as well - this heartless person is probably conducting himself in a "normal" manner the rest of the day. While all the time mentally masturbating over the power that he is gaining by killing the innocent and avoiding capture.

    It will be grimly interesting to see who gets captured for these crimes and what his profile will be like.

    Notice how I use the male gender here .... this is the work of a man.

  • Crazy151drinker


    The common police type vests (Level IIIA) will not stop a .223 round (or even a .22 round). You would have to go to a Level IV vest to stop a high powered rifle round. The problem is Level IV vests are huge and bulky and are commonly worn by the Military and SWAT teams. I highly doubt any civillians are going to start wearing them.


    The problem with gun control is that it only takes away guns from Law-Abiding citizens. Any criminal is going to keep them. There have been amnesty days for criminals to turn in their guns without fear of being arrested and no-one has showed up. Just because you make it illegal, doesnt mean it will go away. There are over 200 Million firearms in the U.S. They are NOT going away.

  • benext

    It would seem there is more than one person involved and eventually they will be caught. It's a reminder of the "Son of Sam" killings in NY. He was caught by a parking ticket. Something will trip him/they up. Bulletproof vests are illegal for ordinary citizens. Hopefully other sick minds around the country will not become "copycats."

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