Who have you PERSONALLY met here?

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  • eyegirl

    ok....here goes....hope i don't leave anyone out--sorry if i did--please don't beat me with a wet noodle!

    • scootergirl (i just love ya sis!)
    • cowboy
    • joannadandy
    • valis
    • not interested
    • hannibal
    • lauralisa
    • gopher
    • staceman
    • xenawarrior
    • billygoat
    • mozzer4life
    • lyineyes
    • wild turkey
    • sixofnine
    • xena
    • tyydyy
    • almost there
    • not perfect yet
    • joy2befree
    • nativeyr23
    • megadude
    • elsewhere (loved the sign, heehee)
    • venice
    • shutterbug (thanks again for the pics )
    • jim_tx
    • peaceloveharmony
    • jesika
    • naeblis
    • thirdson
    • firedragon
    • dustbunnie
    • willowstreet
  • unclebruce

    Hey, i met BATHORY the vampireman doesn't that count fer nuth'n? I also bumped into Prisca (a coupla times .. she shouldn'ta stood so close! Then there was a shamefull night eating in the house of a known apostate (mr and mrs Old Tom) ... Ozziepost spills coffee with me sometimes (hi mrs.m.ozzie) ....um whom else .. I met AJW one dark night while pursuing the afore mentioned genuine JW vampire through Sydney Star casino. .. mmm who else posts here ... apart from my sister hi d! ;) ...I visited Hippikons secret apostate headquarters .. he's truly devious folks! ...oo i spent a night at Barry's house in Canberra too .. his misses is a catholic so i had to mind my language. Barry posts maily in chat. Does that count?


    ballistic Thanks for posting the photo .. geez woun't i love to bang some o' those heads together .. without spilling Englishplonks beer of course. lol.

    Vallis awesome!

    eyegirl ditto! .. and the prize for the most fleshly contact goes tooooo....

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  • mouthy

    As I hang my head in shame I am SO sorry had-enough How could I have done that????

    Put it down to old age. Am I forgiven or do I have to say a few Hail Marys????

    Or I could stand in the corner for half an hour but with my humpty back ,my white cane,my ugly face & my pimples. It would be difficult-Could I just say I am sorry??????

  • Had Enough
    Had Enough


    No problem...just giving you a rough time. We'll just call it a blip in the 'ole memory cells. We all get them.

    I'll add my list later.

    Had Enough

  • jack2

    Haven't met anyone yet. I do have a list of those whom I'd like to meet.

    Actually, one question raised at the outset, as to whether the people you've met are what you expected, is an interesting one.

  • onacruse

    Well, I've met just a few (in alphabetical order):

    AlanF, AmazingProgeny, bikerchic, Carmel, seven006, songmistress, Swan...

    but, by FAR FAR FAR most importantly....BIKERCHIC!!!!!!!!!

    She is, as of today, my fiancee!!!


  • blondie

    Well, congratulations to both you and Bikerchic, craig. It's not a complete surprise. I am happy for both of you.

  • ashitaka




    Wendy_Mommy (and fam)


    Shakita (by relation)

    Not too many, but they were all cool.


  • detective

    is there something happening in boston, flower?

  • Robdar

    What a fine looking group of apostates smiling at me from Ballistic's post.

    I have met Recoveringexjw. What a fine guy he is.

    Tonight I meet Athanasius and it should be fun.

    I haven't met many posters in person but am working on it. I am trying to get Alan F to help me get an entourage together to go to Europe for a huge apostofest. Wouldn't that be fun?



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