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  • Francois
    This is old, but when I was in the news bidness back in the sixties, I stopped in an old service station on the mountains between Asheville and Erwin. In there, the owner had a man's hand in a big mayonaise jar full of kerosene. "Wazzat?" I asked, not really wanting my suspicions confirmed. "Man's hand," the shop owner said proudly. "Where'd you get that?" I had to ask. "Car wreck down the road a few years ago." I put down my Moon Pie and left. Saw lots of stuff in the news bidness I don't ever want to see again. Including brains.

    Right now, I'm getting ready to move back to Savannah. I hate the thought. But the little woman (LW) is the academic type, and she's been offered an associate professorship on a tenure track at the university down there. Too good an offer to pass up and I wouldn't want to get in the way of THAT train.

    I haven't worked since the end of February, although I now have a yob documenting textile-related automation equipment from home and those guys don't care if I'm on the moon as long as they get their doc. And they're willing to put a T1 line to Savannah and a bucket on their server for my stuff. I just don't want to be in Savannah any more. I likes Atlanta better. I like to fish, but the

    This is sort of an early retirement for me, but I worked for three and a half years after my accident, and I just don't have the desire to go back to a cube farm any more. I can only stand or walk around about ten minutes now before my back pains overpower the pain meds and I gotta sit down.

    The LW wants me to write a book, but even though several people have suggested I do that, I guess I don't have the self confidence to do it. I've never thought of myself as a story teller. I'd write about my life, like Pat Conroy, but no one would believe it.

    I know we're supposed to be telling what we're doing in this thread, so I hope you won't mind if I give you all just a little un-asked for advice: DONT GET UP ON ANY LADDERS. Not even short ones.

    Four years ago, I had found a job in Savannah managing a documentation group. Right up my alley and very close to my boat. I was 53, thought I was 35 and acted like it. I had a new 21 foot fishing machine of a boat, and had started talking to my parents for the first time in ten years. Everything was going my way. It all ended in a crash when I hit the ground from 25 feet up an extension ladder. All the foregoing stuff that was "going my way" got up and left. I can't tell you how the subsequent injuries have fucked up my life (sorry Simon, that's the only word that works). I'm now a lifer on narcotic pain meds which has stories of its own. No stamina. Not much interest in anything. Now I'm a 58 year old, semi-handicapped guy with an active mind, but on fentanyl patches which cause bad insominia. And planning retirement on book revenues, is like retirement planning on lotto proceeds.

    But don't get the idea that I'm bitching, complaining, and engaging in pity in general. I'm not. I just don't want any of you to end up where I am. Stats are bad. Sixty percent of people who fall from 20 feet die. And those who don't, 70% of chronic pain patients are divorced by their mates. (So far, so good). What ever you're needing to do, if it involves a ladder, you don't need to do it. hire someone else to do it.

    BTW, I am going to try that book I guess. It's not like I have many options, but I don't know about this, y'know?


  • termite 35
    termite 35

    I could'nt post- now I can!

    Hav'nt been on much lately- crappy stuff going on , but good stuff too..

    I'm back at Art College painting wrinkley old men (and the odd young man!)and having a ball- got invited to a club by a 19 year old last week..! (no, I did'nt go....)

    I'm doing up a barn by the sea and need to know how to get Hammerite off my hands..

    Have just picked up my father from the airport with his latest girlfriend- will now start wine to blot out the memories of a car journey from hell.

    My computer is in the attic where I sleep.I look out on beautiful countryside, which is great except that i'm within earshot of the local hunt torturing little orange foxes.

    Christmas party anyone/i'm in the mood- I have a misspent youth that I am owed and need to take full advantage of all pagan celebrations before it's gone..

    Good luck on your exam Angharrad-

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  • ballistic

    Termite, your barn by the sea sounds interesting, I know all about paint on my hands as I am decorating at the mo. About brains, I can't quite match brain in the freezer, but I do have a complete human skull in my cabinet. I was in the Salvation Army second hand shop and there was a policeman handing it back to them after they had had it checked that it wasn't a missing person. I bought it for 15 pounds. I get mixed reactions from people about it, some people think it's awfull, some think it's really interesting. I often wonder about it, who it was etc. Very strange to think that one day you could end up as a skull in a cardboard box in someones living room.

  • jurs

    Venice, Good for you! I work in a salon/spa. Skin care is a wonderful field. Everyone loves a facial!

    as for what i'm doing I got a job at rhe salon in May after I finished school. Its fun but nerve racking some people think I'm a magician rather than a beautician! Ha ha . Tonight I'm going out with some friends. Were going to eat a ton of food, get drunk and gossip . .......jurs

  • Cygnus

    I work on chimneys and fireplaces so I am always on ladders.

    Today I went back to work for the first time in nearly nine weeks. Climbed on two roofs. No sweat.

    (I have only fallen twice, from ten feet -- but I sure have had enough close calls!)

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Currently trying to set up an online business to make extra money.... I take Pay-pal...please send you orders to...... oh never mind..

  • patio34

    This is a fun thread, Ballistic!

    1. I broke two ribs last weekend and am moving rather slowly sometimes. I was trying to get out of the swimming pool and somehow slippled and landed on my ribs on the cement side. Ouch . . .

    2. I am attempting to write a book on my weight-loss experience this year. I went to a class today about book-writing, etc.

    3. I'm going to a swell Apostafest Nov. 10th in Myrtle Beach, SC, and see my great sister, Waiting!

    That's about all for now.


  • ballistic

    Why is everyone breaking bones on this site? I broke my leg 3 years ago falling down a cliff while drunk at a party. Is this an on-going theme or even a bad omen?

  • Matty

    Brilliant thread Brian! I have never broken a bone before, but I did sprain my ankle once on the way from a Chinese take away tripping on a loose kerb. Fortunately I didn't drop my Kung Po.

  • scootergirl

    What a nice change of pace thread........thanks!

    Let's see......what has scootergirl been up to?

    • Took a ride w/my "filthy" (a.k.a husband) and oldest daughter into the woods yesterday to check out the leaves. Had the most fantastic time!
    • Also took a hike into the woods w/my youngest boy (2-1/2 yrs old) the other day. Explored the creek, the leaves and found a mouse in a rotted out tree.....I just sat back in amazement at watched how wonderful life is.
    • Getting over a cold....hack hack cough cough (feel sorry for me yet?)
    • Planning the Secret Santa Gift Exchange for the board (ahem...have YOU signed up yet?)
    • And trying to keep eyegirl in line.......whew you MUST feel sorry for me now! LOL

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