My Dumb Ass JW Brother

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  • ThiChi

    Not providing for your family is worse than having no faith!

  • crownboy

    larc, what you just stated there is the basic reaction of most religious people, not just JW's. If something goes right, it's because of God (totally disregarding the people involved), if something goes bad, then it's someone else's fault, or it's Satan's fault. Basically, God has the greatest CEO job in the universe. This type of thinking always bothered me as a believer, too. I was more of the type who thanked God for general stuff like health or life (though I should have thanked myself and my parents, respectively ), but if I studied my butt off and got an A on an exam, or my parents gave me something, I knew who not to acknoweldge .

  • JWinSF

    For Kelsey007

    "I hope that one day- by my conduct and expample even my 50
    year old cousin- who sounds much like your brother- would come to his senses. "

    This sounds like the reasoning given by the Organization encouraging wives to subject themselves to all manner of abuse by their non-JW husbands in the hope that they may win them over to "The Truth". That's just another "fairy tale", in my opinion. If Reborn2002's brother is a dumb-ass, he's a dumb-ass. Besides, his brother has in effect made himself NOT his brother anymore by willfully choosing to shun him and/or condemn him to death at Armagdeddon. It's an all too familiar tale of the JW relatives who bring all manner of humiliating type of treatment to their DFd or DAd family members but see nothing wrong about asking for financial help from these same family members. For him to turn down a job that would have pulled him out of the predicament that he is in is not the mark of a wise person. JWs should not have it both ways with them always on the winning side and the DFd or DAd member on the losing side.

    If his brother had been more humane, then, yes, perhaps dumb-ass would have been a bit harsh. But, he has not. His brother IS a dumb-ass, again, in my opinion based on what has been presented. And, I quite frankly believe that what has been presented is an accurate account. I've seen and heard of far too many examples of just this type of stupid JW behavior.

    I similarly gave up on my JW aunt [whom I would write to and send gifts to, of course not getting any letters in return --- except for one terse thank-you for a gift] after her heartlessly not telling me of my JW uncle's death who prior to my DAing I had been very close to. They pulled away from me, not me from them. I only found out about it through third party, non-JW sources. While she hasn't approached me for funds, she similarly will not get a penny from me after having shunned me. Let her congregation help her out if she ever falls upon hard times. I won't call her a dumb-ass, because on other matters she has basically been level-headed. However, if she too had done the stupid tricks that were outlined in this thread, then she too would warrant the label dumb-ass.

    John W Wirtanen

  • gumby

    He feels the need to put Jehovah first (who by the way has not answered any of his prayers and provided money that grows on trees or a cushy job out of thin air) and walks out on a job that would pay $80,000/yr.

    Hey Reborn,

    Man does that saying bring back memories. I remeber when about a dozen brothers worked at a trailor assembly factory and at assembly time would take it off....saying...if I get fired ..Jehovah will provide.

    Nice way to leave a factory hanging and breaking the rules.Some lost their miracle jobs afterwards.

  • hamptonite21


    You do live in a dif world. Your own, and anyone that has feelings outside of that must be beneath you. You once again have truely proven yourself to be an insulting ASS.

    take care

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  • freeman


    Your brother sure is a dumb ass, I should know I was as big a dumb ass too, maybe even bigger.

    My brother and I both worked in the aerospace industry and at one point worked for the same company. He was an aircraft mechanic by trade, and I was an engineer. The Watchtower boys said I cant do this type of work anymore because some of it was military related; but dont worry Jehovah will provide, quit your job and just trust in God.

    So I became a TV repairman, a part time janitor, and even a security guard. Much harder work and still did not make the money I could be making at my old job, but boy I sure made Jehovah happy.

    Observing all the changes I was now making in my life, my brother said to me you really buying all this Watchtower stuff? Ok well its your life but I think they are full of shit.

    I struggled to pay my bills for years and years, but Jehovah was so happy with me.

    Then one day out of the blue I got a shot at my dream job, a Job doing work for NASA. It was as a consultant and so it only would last about 4 months, but it paid big bucks! This job required me to fly down to Maryland each week and so I missed some meetings.

    You guessed it, I got a good talking to by the brothers. But I explained that the job would be over in about another month or so and I really needed this money to pay off my debts.

    Oh please please please dont make me quit another high paying job again!

    These fine elders said I had to choose between the meetings or NASA. Add to this the fact that I was then offered this type of work at NASA full time and also was told they would move me and my family down to Maryland and pay for all expenses, even pay for a house hunting trip etc.

    Dream Job, Big Bucks, Expense Paid Move, Good Benefits etc.


    Hard Meaningless Work, Low Pay, And Five Shitty Boring Meetings A Week

    Now let me think, what do I want to do?

    Long story short, I took the job made the move to Maryland and never spent one day regretting the decision. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. I really have to thank these elders for helping me see the light.

    So you see Reborn2002, I was the dumb ass but I did wise- up. Yes, it took time, a lot of time, but I got smarter. So m aybe, just maybe in time so will your brother.

    Dont give up hope dude, some times we dumb asses do finally see the light.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

    Freeman (a dumb ass no more)

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  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    So when he asks God why He didn't provide, God will reply 'Well, I sent you a generous brother and I sent you a great job, but you knocked both back - what else did you want me to do?'

  • Reborn2002

    An amazing story freeman.

    I recall reading some of your exploits previously, and I thank you for replying to this thread because your story certainly is extremely similar to the one which my brother currently faces.

    At one point in time I held out hope for my brother.

    Seeing him approach 30, with two children (a 1 yr old son and another one on the way) no college education, a wife who is not working and possesses no education beyong a GED, I cannot help but feel downtrodden at seeing them completely destroy themselves.

    The saddest part is that my brother possesses the potential to be extremely successful.

    While in high school (which thankfully the Dubs dont discourage or matters would be even worse) my brother was in all AP and honors courses, graduated with a 3.9+ G.P.A. and was ranked in the top 10 of a class of over 400.

    Scholarships and opportunities awaited him. From what I remember, he spoke proudly that school counselors were baffled as to why he was not pursuing further education, but again he praised Jehovah because he was going to set a fine example.

    You would think that someone who possesses such academic talent would be able to analyze and see through the WT doctrine fabrications.

    This is a testament to the power a manipulative cult which thrives on control and fear is capable of wielding.

    Did he go on to college? No.

    We can all see just how far that has gotten him.

    Do I feel remorse for him now? Even after denouncing me as evil and preventing me from having any relationship with my nephew.. I do feel sorry for him, even if slightly.

    However I am most saddened at the fact that my 1 yr old nephew and the child who has yet to be born did NOT choose this path, and because of my brother's blinded mistakes they will be forced to grow up in not only losing out on major pieces of their childhood because of having to devote astronomical amounts of time to JW-related things, but because they will also do without or be deprived in many instances because their parents did not have the foresight to prepare ahead.

    Why did he have a child now? Because the JW's are against abortion.

    Otherwise he had said he would never have had a child. After all, Armageddon is "right around the corner"

    Hopefully, this thread will serve as a reminder that the Jehovah's Witness organization is dangerous. It destroys the lives of families and worse yet, it causes children to do without who did not make that choice.

    If you are a lurker and reading this thread.


  • freeman
    So when he asks God why He didn't provide, God will reply 'Well, I sent you a generous brother and I sent you a great job, but you knocked both back - what else did you want me to do?

    LOL @ Max, you nailed it!


  • BeautifulGarbage

    Jason, I'm sorry about your family. This latest saga must be hard to fathom because of it's absurdity.

    I see two dynamics going on here. First off, we have the "favorite" son whose parents continually put a pillow under his ass to soften his many falls. They consistently facilitate his irresponsible behavior by giving him money, a house, and a job. This goes on in many families regardless of religious affiliation. I watched this go on with my younger brother for years, I know what it is like, and how frustrating it is.

    Second, there is the "Good JW" thing going on. Your brother, my, he must play your parents like a piano! Still, it's only a manipulation. I'm sure you know that. Because even when you were a JW, were things all that different? The one big difference now is that he has his DA'd brother to make his family "star" shine even more ummm..brightly?

    Dumb ass? Ummmm Yes and No. Yes, because we all know, ultimately, HE will be the one that will have to pay the piper. Unfortunately, he has made one child and has another one on the way. They will have to pay, too. Plus, it is more likely he WILL hold on tightly to the WTS teachings just because of the approval that it gets him from your parents, mainly your Mom. And that approval pays, literally. So, for the last reason, I will put in a "no". He ain't no dummy.

    Take Care,

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